Website rules

In order to make our web source ultimately useful, intelligent, and accurate, website visitors need to follow the existing rules. For an infraction of rules, a moderator can limit the opportunities for the user.

The list of forbidden actioons on the website

1. Advertise the sources avoiding the rules

Articles that will contain content to draw attention to their company, platform or service are offered to be published in the “Promotion” section. In case of mentioning them in other sections, the following account rights will be curtailed.

The only exception to the rule is the case when the article’s author indicates their position in the company, but does not indicate a link to their company, project, or his contact details (links to personal accounts in social networks), links to personal blogs on large media sites (LJ, Medium and others). It is also allowed to indicate your YouTube channel, the name of chats and groups in social networks, which do not contain the company, project, event, platform or service name.

2. Plagiarize

It is forbidden to publish texts and articles that are copied from another website as we value unique authorial texts.

3. Make short publications similar to Twitter posts

Placing an article or news in the form of a monosyllabic sentence like “Look at the news I found: “Samsung decided to cross Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Note” is not encouraged. Even if the news itself is short, try expanding it by adding a comment.

4. Complain about personal problems

In case you have faced some difficulties with an Internet provider, mobile operator or you have similar issues on receiving services, then contact please the service provider. However, it is not encouraged to centre around your problems in comments or write publications.

5. Communicate with images 

All the comments and publications should be supported by the text content in order to avoid a misinterpretation of the image. You should take into account that all the images are required to be placed under a spoiler so that other users do not waste for their skipping. 

6. Set up political debates and participate in it

The subject of our website is pretty clear and obvious. You can find many other web sources for political discussions. Visit those sources for this purpose.

7. Organize fundraising for your projects or events

As it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are special platforms for fundraising. Do not litter our resource with inappropriate issues.

8. Insult other users

It is strictly forbidden to use insults, trolling and explicit language to other users. For such outrageous behaviour, you will be punished by a ban.

9. Create virtual accounts

There are a lot of publications on our website and we want the users to have real live communication and fair ratings and votes that evaluate their opinion. Screw karma on posts and leave fake comments from virtual accounts – a violation of our policy!

The list of infraction is not comprehensive, the behaviour of unscrupulous users periodically does not correspond to the goals and objectives of our website. Therefore, our moderators quite rightly ban such accounts. Please, do not create campaign publications to prove something to us if our moderator has blocked an account, so there was a really sound reason for this punishment.

As you have noticed, our website rules are pretty simple and comprehensive. So, follow them please and we want to thank you for using our web resource.