You manage 10 thousand servers in the data centre with remote control.


The solution can be provided in two ways.


The first one is to avail the opportunity to make a positive impression on the interviewer. Thus you need to provide him with your favourite, but not yet implemented, business plan. At Microsoft, for example, the interviewers will most likely attentively listen to you and then they will ask: “Absolutely, this is exciting, but are you certain that you will have an opportunity to get a million bucks on an opening day?”.


The second solution way is the Google-style answer: you will sell servers for at least $100 each. It will provide you with $1 million or, more likely, even more – $10 million. Then, if you have some great business plan, use this money as the start-up budget. This will give you an opportunity to work long-drawn enough and have time to intrigue one of the venture capitalists. This person is intelligent enough and knows that great ideas do not enable you to earn a million dollars on an opening day.


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