Who may become a programmer?

You Are A Programmer, or What is a special mindset

Perhaps this is the most common myth. Different things are said, for example: programmers somehow have a different brain, they are alienated and closed. Honestly, you will not become a successful professional without these characteristics.


Is it true? Partly. A successful programmer is not always obliged to be a snob. What is important is to know the programmer:


  • Be able to work in a team. Regardless of where to start: web programming, creating mobile applications, layout and many other things – this is teamwork. Therefore, without this, you cannot go anywhere.

  • Understand what priority is and how to arrange it correctly. Even in the most prestigious company, programmers often fall into tasks in the style of “Do it Now, but this was needed yesterday, and here it was – quickly and only corrected.” Structuring tasks is one of the most important skills of a cool progger.

  • Have phenomenal perseverance. No, it’s not necessary to sit in the office from call to call, but to spend a lot of time at a laptop or computer is accurate. That is why IT specialists are considered solitary: just until everyone is resting, most of them prefer to work.

  • Do not be afraid to improve yourself and learn new things. Programming languages become obsolete, you need to learn new, mobile applications are created on new platforms, dozens of services appear every day. If you want to become a good programmer, you need to be flexible and ready to pump your skills.

  • Love your computer. There is nothing more to add here. Your machine is the main working tool.


These skills already can bring a stable and good income. Moreover, what will happen in case you add professional skills and education?


What any developer needs to know

Surprisingly, the role of mathematics in progger’s life is greatly overestimated. Yes, this science is basic, and calculus knowledge can be a good foundation for building a successful career. But this is not the main thing you can start learning to programme with. Even without mathematical knowledge and technical base, you can build a career as a cool programmer. In the process of studying in a computer school, you can get absolutely all the knowledge that a good specialist really needs.

The truth is in the details

Its career is a big job that can be managed only with high care. There are many areas where perseverance is also important – it is surgery, jewellery, various measurements. However, in programming, this skill is almost basic.


Self-discipline, attentiveness and hard work – these are the three whales on which the career of a successful programmer in a world-famous company stands. Just to sit at the laptop will not work, as well as scrolling the tape on social networks, put likes and watch videos.

What you need to be ready, starting to work as a programmer:


  • Even simple tasks sometimes take an enormous amount of time. Of course, then they can be solved much faster, but at first, you will have to strain a lot to find a solution to the problem.

  • How to program – it is important not to fall, but to manage to rise. Any failure on the way, a flown code, variable skipping is just a step to a successful future. And even if the site is laid down, you can not quit it and just leave. You need to raise your baggage of knowledge and experience and find the very variable.

  • Where to start programming: remember that the first time is unlikely to succeed. Neither a good website, nor a convenient mobile application, nor even a chatbot. Errors in programming are absolutely normal, and I would even say that it is useful. My best graduates spent several hundred hours searching for solutions and implementing their projects. And they wrote the correct code. But then for them, this task was something comparable to the rebus in children’s books.


Algorithms are important

Everything in programming is based on algorithms. If in general, then there is the concept of decomposition. This is a breakdown of large and complex goals into small sub-goals. Or the maximum simplification of the task. As a result of crushing, the problem no longer seems so complicated, and its solution seems to lie on the surface.


This attitude to things is called algorithmic thinking. Know yourself? Congratulations! Then the path of the programmer is just for you! It remains only to add the necessary knowledge and experience.


But often the importance of algorithms and the ability to compose them correctly is simply underestimated. As an example, try to create an algorithm for cleaning the apartment or making coffee. Now imagine that in programming absolutely for any task you need to prepare dozens of commands and conditions, otherwise they simply will not be executed.

Not everyone thinks of such algorithms. Someone visualizes images, others represent abstract models. They, of course, can make an algorithm, but it will be the fruit of a long and hard work, but not the talent and the natural nature of their brain. In this case, maybe it makes sense to find yourself in a profession related to creativity or communication?


Developer: Expectation and Reality

To become a programmer is all about becoming a team player. Most commonly, the IT specialist needs helpers, like-minded people, support. In the working environment, they are constantly in contact with the customer, preparing test tasks, confirming them.


In the IT field, a loner is not so easy to survive. Remember, the sooner you can get out of your room and sell your project, the faster you will climb the career ladder.


The most difficult thing in programming is to start, so I want to give future web programmers a simple, but very significant and important advice: do not be afraid of new beginnings.


  • No one got up and did not create the site in one day.

  • There is no one who is earning millions using old knowledge.

  • For self-improvement, you need a little bit: to be yourself and improve.


Each project is a new environment, unexplored tasks, an updated team. You can, of course, retreat. But then you can not become an IT guru. Immerse yourself in this experience, learn from it something new for yourself, gain experience and knowledge.


In programming, it will not work to leave on the knowledge gained 10 years ago. Too mobile environment. And too much demand for dynamic and flexible professionals. Therefore, I wish to always keep my hand on the pulse and correspond to the time in which you want to work.


Do what you love

Tritely, but no way around it. Programming is what should make your knees quiver and make you want to finish the weekend and get to work. After all, if you do not admire your work, then how will you create a masterpiece? A good programmer leaves a bit of himself in the project. Not only time or knowledge, but also a little love for the common cause.


Therefore, if programming for you is just a good job with an excellent perspective, it is better not to waste your time, effort and money for nothing. Find something else — a thing that can be an important part of your life. An integral part.

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