What are PHP prospects and whether to use it

There are tons of disputes on PHP language. Still, we want to know whether it is worth continuing coding on it or it is better to search for another programming language. Also, is it as unpromising as they say?

We have asked our development experts, and here we provide you with their feedback.

Sergey Prokofiev, CreativePeople Managing Partner

Excellent feeling that PHP was standing for a hundred or so a number of another hundred will stand. Too many projects on it, this language is the key one for many developers. I actually somehow poorly imagine 1C-Bitrix, rewritten in Python. Yet, I am here more reasoning as an office manager, since I have myself tied upwards with C programming.

Alla Klimenko, CEO Mad Devs

Between our clients, PHP remains in demand. As a rule, these are jobs that we undertake to do not from scrape, but at some stage for refinement and maintenance. If the project comes from scrape, then our choice of language is certainly not in favour of PHP. All of us work more with Django, React. js and Golang. Moreover, if a task produced in PHP comes to us and sits down for long-term support and refinement, then sooner or later we also attempt to rewrite it from scrape. Generally, it all depends upon the goals and financial abilities of the customer.

Definitely, PHP will still live. But developers should slowly switch to another thing.Игорь Сомов

Igor Somov, backend developer at Avito, teacher

There is a lot of myths about PHP on the Internet. Presently there are several reasons for their occurrence:


  • You began using PHP 4 years ago and then turned to another language. Right now it is strange to compare the version of the language with any modern language. Take a look at ChangeLog – you will see that a lot has really changed;


  • PHP has a very low access threshold, and you may quickly start solving problems. Yes, you can write a bad program code, as in any other language. Nevertheless, when you really understand how PHP works from the inside, you start writing better and more efficient program code. If you are acquainted with the basic syntax, I recommend looking at modern frameworks: Laravel, Symfony – and find out PHP in a little more fine detail. PHP is very positively developing, has a huge professional community. It is one of the quickest scripting languages.


Now all the standard tasks on the backend can be solved using PHP, there is a huge quantity of ready-made solutions, support for all modern directories and technologies. Many large companies use PHP: Facebook, Vk, Mail. ru, Avito.

But do not deny that PHP still has room to grow. Therefore, I advise you not to believe the rumours but try PHP yourself.

Dmitry Soshnikov, Microsoft technology evangelist, associate professor at MIPT, MAI, teacher of the JUNIO-R children’s camp

Better not to get attached to a particular language at all. After all, the fundamentals of algorithms are the same for all programming languages, so over time, it turns out that switching from language to language is quite simple. The most important thing to learn is to learn quickly.

As for PHP, it is suitable for a specific range of tasks, namely, for websites, as a rule, not too large. For large corporate and high-load systems, other technologies are usually used, for example, based on C # or Java. In addition, C # or Java will allow you to create not only websites but also mobile applications, that is, from the point of view of universality, they are certainly more interesting to learn.Александр Павлов

Alexander Pavlov, Lead Developer, AndersenLab

A lot of solutions are written in PHP and continue to be written. The language itself is actively developing, new chips appear in the core, productivity is increasing, the number of frameworks is growing, the standardization process (PSR) is underway. I believe that PHP would have been a popular programming vocabulary for some time and will take up its niche in the world of the web.

Vitaly Leonov, Head of Avito backend development department. Zend-certified PHP developer.

PHP is a tool. The tool that is developing, has a huge community, has excellent documentation, has a huge set of ready-made libraries and solutions. This individual copes with his jobs perfectly, solves business needs well: quickly start, find a good team create a product. Most of the complaints about PHP are flavours and market problems that are resolved by other tools.

Therefore PHP is quite encouraging for a decade.

Ivan Nikitin, Director, Ivan Nikitin and Partners

Rumours about the death of PHP are greatly exaggerated.

PHP today is 25% of the entire Internet.

Grigory Zemskov, Director of the Revizium company

The recognition of the PHP vocabulary is growing each year. This particular is due to the fact that, on the one hand, it is not hard to learn, provides sufficient opportunities for developing options for the web; one the other side of the coin hand, a huge quantity of popular CMS is implemented in PHP: Wp, Joomla, Drupal, DLE, MODx. All popular commercial CMS also work on PHP: Bitrix, Netcat, UMI. CMS. It is supported by the vast majority of Russian and foreign web hosting sites. Environment for web development can be easily deployed on a local computer.

This language has its negative sides, that have been actually embedded in the architecture: weak typing, higher freedom to build syntactic structures, which eventually contributes to a huge number of mistakes and vulnerabilities, especially among inexperienced web-developers. Therefore, many custom PHP development from a security perspective is extremely vulnerable. But since the PHP 7 version, the programming language developer has resolved section of the problems and increased the productivity by about three times. Consequently, PHP is unlikely to be less popular in the next couple of years, as it will continue to be used for web development.

Vasily Vasilkov, an expert at the IT conference “Stachka”

Surely YES to all the questions.

Must I continue to work with it? Yes. Ought to I look for another language? Yes. Is this individual as unpromising as they say? Yes.

Nevertheless, We think that all disputes about PHP can already be halted. The first place in the “bad language” nomination has been JavaScript for five years now, and I don’t see other equally strong applicants for this place.

Therefore, talking about JavaScript, I will answer in the same way. Should I continue to use it? Indeed. Should I look for another language? Yes. Will be it as unpromising as they say? Yes.

Stepan Cheltsov, General Director of the First Internet Project Agency

I believe that the question was initially posted improperly because the choice of a programming language actually means nothing. We must look at the vocabulary, beginning with the tasks. Presently there are a lot of websites on the planet that are developed in the PHP language, and the changeover from one language to another – not to mention frameworks – is a very lengthy and expensive process. That is, your question can be rephrased like this: how easily and quickly can business move from one language to another soon? The answer, of course, is that it is very expensive!

Each question must be assessed in conditions of your attempts. If you study as a programmer and choose a language, select any. The one which you prefer, the one and choose. You may always find the use of your knowledge, you will always be supplied with work because the world needs programmers so much that you can stay without work only if you don’t know British or any other language. Everything else is simply the fruit of your work, of engagement in your preferred work.

Alexey Zolotykh, Frontend developer at Wrike

As far as I understand, PHP has a lot of problems. Yet the primary problem of the vocabulary is the low access threshold. You can learn how to do simple things in a few days or even hours. The important thing is that the capability to create HTML or masterfully customize WordPress does not correlate well with development. Although having these skills and allow you to earn good money.

In PHP, you can write serious things, however, you need to know the data structures, algorithms, development paradigms, and much more.

The language itself is much from unpromising, it is possible and necessary to write on it. Yet it would be good to develop in various directions, in order not to turn into a CMS customizer.Николай Добровольский

Nikolai Dobrovolsky, Vice President of Parallels

Within the world of technology, things change pretty quickly. And indeed, now the era of the popularity of PHP has passed. As a result, there is a saying not in vain.

I would advise now to look at JavaScript or Python as the most popular languages in the field of web development. But over time everything will change again. Previously, many projects are being done on Ruby or Lua, which are known by increased development rate. We at Parallels for web development use Python and JavaScript.

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