Want to know everything: Dart

You will not find Dart even in TOP 20 the most popular programming languages. You will hardly find a Dart developer vacancy. In case you got into the programming world recently, you may think that this article will be dedicated to one of the Star Wars movie heroes (albeit he is Darth).

Nevertheless, Dart is the programming language, the knowledge of which in CV may become the requirement for any web developer tomorrow. The matter is quite simple: it was designed and is actively promoted by Google.

Quick reference

In 2011, the particular development of the Search engines Dart language officially started, which, in line with the authors, need to completely replace JavaScript. The particular reason for this had been the “fundamental flaws” associated with the latter (according in order to Mark Miller, among the programmers of Dart), which flipped out to be basically impossible to correct in a good evolutionary way. In 2013, the first official steady version was introduced.

These days, despite the position within the 3 rd ten associated with the most popular different languages, Dart, nevertheless, managed in order to bypass such valuable duplicates as Rust, VHDL plus Scala. As for the particular practical application, the popular Google AdWords is composed on Dart.

Who should learn it

As already mentioned, regardless of the fact that Dart is relatively popular plus tomorrow may be the prerequisite for admission in order to work, today its research is merely optional. Theoretically, understanding of TypeScript in conjunction along with JavaScript almost completely addresses the possibilities of Dart. On the other hands, the potential of Dart is much higher plus should be viewed instead as a stage associated with development, and not being a competitor to JavaScript.


To get started with, why don’t give attention to the features of the particular Dart language in purchase to assess the benefits associated with the cognition:

Ease of development

In case you devote at least ten minutes to studying Dart, then make sure along with a personal example : working with him is very convenient. You just glance at the hello code “Hello, Planet! ”:

void main () 

 print (‘Hello, World!’);

Agree, it is usually easy, understandable and shateringly familiar. Generally speaking, when Dart is not really the very first programming language to suit your needs, after that it will take many days to learn.

Speed increase

Along with syntax, right now there is a lot associated with convenience accelerating, as the particular development of the program code, and its further delivery on the machine. Regarding example, static typing along with all the attendant benefits in speed and the particular capability to catch the overpowering amount of errors at the particular compilation stage.

Development environment

Dart is supported simply by all popular IDEs: CONCEPT, WebStorm, Atom, Emacs, Visible Studio, Sublime Text, Vim. In addition, for relieve of use, Dart Search engines especially released the Dartium browser, based on Chrome, with a built-in digital machine.


Google is usually very actively engaged within the development and advertising of Dart, which is usually reflected a minimum of in the particular regularity of updates : every 2-3 months. Plus these are not simply beauty fixes, but real enhancements that affect, among additional things, optimization and possibilities.

Good standard library

Because a result of almost all the preceding paragraphs, it is worth noting the Dart library, which supplies a web developer with practically unlimited possibilities.

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If the Dart language were as perfect because its developers say, then we would quickly neglect about JavaScript and TypeScript. But for now this is not the case. Here are the primary complaints:

Small community

With all the benefits of the language itself, Google in some inexplicable way did not pay due attention to simple designers. No, formally, everything will be fine: a big conference “Dart Dev Summit” recently required place in Munich, and the official site offers all the necessary info, both for a beginner and for a professional.

But the development community leaves much to be desired. For example , if you proceed to the official discussion board, you can see that the regularity of the questions asked is 2 per month, and the amount of views of every does not exceed one hundred. Do I have in order to say that this Dart is not a rival to JavaScript?

JavaScript problems are exaggerated

If a person delve into a brief history associated with the Internet, you may discover a lot of adherents of JavaScript, who had been primarily negatively related to the particular brainchild of Google. Each then and now, the key complaint comes down in order to the fact that when JavaScript were such the limited language, it would certainly not have found the particular glory of a general tool, both for basic scripts and for complicated applications.

Moreover, last yr even Google stopped viewing competitor in JavaScript plus seriously involved in bettering the particular code compiler, but since it turned out, just for a while: “Dart Dev Summit 2016” marked the particular return of Dart since a full-fledged player.


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