The best TV series for IT geeks

Weekend is coming, which means it’s time to make plans. If they are not there, and you decide to stay at home – look at what a cool selection of TV series we prepared for you. You won’t be bored for sure, but the weekend may be a little!

“The IT Crowd”

 "The IT Crowd"

The action of the series takes place in the fictional British corporation “Reynholm Industries”, in the center of London. The plot revolves around three people: Moss, Roy and Jen.

The first two are techies, whose images are maximally collective, and the situations in which they fall are ridiculous. Jen – a newcomer, who, thanks to the tricks came to a new job. Her professional knowledge leaves much to be desired, which leads to funny scenes. If you are close to English and bold humor is on the verge of a foul, then the recommendation for viewing.

Rating: 7.7

“Virtual Reality” (1995)

 "Virtual Reality" (1995)

This is old school! The series, which can be remembered even on the “convex” TVs.

This is the story of a girl, Sydney Blum, who works in a telephone office. After the tragedy that left her without parents, she lives alone. The circumstances are such that Sydney becomes part of a government organization. Loneliness gives way to virtual reality with endless possibilities. Now the girl performs a variety of missions that take place in the virtual world. There is a moment about which she does not realize: virtuality is not always isolated from reality.

Rating: 7.1

“Black mirror”

 "Black mirror"

Probably this is the most pretentious and exposing series of modernity. Despite the fact that what is happening is hyperbolized, the “Mirror” fully demonstrates our reality and the near future. By the way, even the most nagged optimist can be immersed in a short-term depression because of the series. So there is a naked and harsh message, but as they say: “There is nothing to blame the mirror, if the face did not come out.”

Rating: 8.4

“CSI: Cyber”

"CSI: Cyber"

The spin-off of the series “C.S.I .: Crime Scene.”

Technology is extremely dangerous – it is not a secret. And attackers also know this, committing global crimes at the touch of a button.

Gadgets are not only tools for work and leisure, but also loopholes for hackers. Special agent Avery Ryan reveals cases that for ordinary people seem overwhelming. As a result, the series was scolded for stereotyped and, due to low ratings, alas, was closed after the second season.

Rating: 6.0



The only anime series in our top.

The action of the series takes place in 2112. Our ideal world is already fully automated. Drones, smart environments, holograms and personal secretaries are now part of everyday life. The augmentation is no longer appealing. In order for the society to be healthy and the criminality under control, a program was created – “Sibyl”.

It analyzes the mental state of a person, and periodically monitors his “criminal coefficient” – the measure of how much a person is prone to crime. Hence the “psycho-pass”, which reflects all the data that determine the position in society. Who has the “coefficient” above the norm, is forced to undergo treatment, and even if the numbers go through too much – it will be eliminated. And as in all questions with AI: “Can the system be wrong? What is the chance of a mistake? Is the system perfect? ​​”

Rating: 7.9

“Mr. Robot”

 "Mr. Robot"

This is the one of the best and plausible TV series about hackers and it is deserved. Glancing through paranoia, a bold look at everyday foundations and the danger that megacorporations promise – this is enough in a new but already extremely popular phenomenon. If the topic of hacking captivates you, then it is not recommended to skip it. One of the best TV series about hackers. There is an opinion that those same companions from Anonymous advised the creators.

Rating: 7.8



A relatively new series, where questions about artificial intelligence and robotics are intertwined. If you have heard of the “sinister valley” hypothesis, when a robot acting as a human being causes antipathy, but you have understood little, this series perfectly reveals the essence of the issue. The story is built around a family that is in the wake of the popularity of robot servants, acquires one copy for itself and does not expect any trick. And it is always there when someone passes the “Turing test”.

Rating: 7.4

“Silicon Valley”

 “Silicon Valley”

The story is about geeks, absorbed in their own ideas and straps, in the digital heart of California. If you instantly swallowed the new series “The Big Bang Theories” or “The IT Crowd”, the answer is unequivocal – run after the popcorn, good mood is guaranteed!

This is an unforced sitcom with an abundance of humor, often obscene, but no less fascinating. Far from IT? Do not worry, even without professional knowledge, jokes are perceived easily. This is the story of a group of American geeks who live in the same house and are trying to launch a high-tech startup. By the way, the topic is now very relevant …

Rating: 8.1

“Halt and Catch Fire”

 "Halt and Catch Fire"

The plot unfolds in the 1980s. The time of the birth of the industry, of which we are a part. There are three central characters in the narration: a dreamer, an engineer, and a girl programmer. Their interests are faced with huge corporations. The series is about the time when global companies grew out of garage startups, the Internet was an expected miracle, and the potential of what was happening was not taken seriously.

Rating: 7.7

“The Big Bang Theory”

"Halt and Catch Fire"

This is the cult sitcom about 4 friends of physicists and charming Penny. Needless to say, the series has already earned its place in history: dozens of awards, 12 seasons and millions of fans. If you like laid-back humor and have time, the choice is obvious. What is worth alone Sheldon Cooper: “There is not enough chamomile tea in the world to calm the rage in my chest.”

Rating: 8.5

As you can see, the series for every taste, genre and timing is enough for everyone. Enjoy watching!

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