What programming language to learn in 2019?

I have been working in IT sphere for quite a long time. People have been asking me the same questions over and over again: what programming language to learn, what language to start with to get the profession of a software developer, and how to figure it out.

In the development sphere, there are both adherents of basic classical principles and beginners who want everything to be simple, fast and easy. For example, I often see how the guys prove to each other that it is better to code using JS than PHP or vice versa (taking into account 7.0 version). Also, I often see how experienced developers say that it’s nothing and you need to code using C++ in order to be a real developer.

What you need to know to become a developer

I firmly believe that if you really want to figure something out and become a professional, you need to start from scratch. Initially, you need to learn the mathematical part and then move on to more modern and simplified issues. I suppose you have also learned to count on fingers first, then you mastered long division, then mental arithmetic, and finally you have proceeded to a calculator.

It is important to understand how the process works. Thus, you can detect a gap or an issue and fix it. You understand how it all works broadly, not a separate fragment. This way you become a professional.

Programming languages ​​cannot compete with each other. Each of them is unique and was created for the following reasons:

  • Solve specific problems

  • Simplify the previous language version

  • Provide you with the convenience in using

  • To make the development process effective and time-efficient.   

Choosing a programming language in 2019, it is important to choose an option where you can build software using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

What opportunities provide different programming languages

1. Start earning quickly in the innovation market

You can start earning quickly and with the minimal learning curve with the help of such in-demand programming languages, like Java and C#. Despite the apparent complexity and technology exactingness, IT market always demands for professionals of different levels.

You can get a job offer with basic knowledge of IT courses. The rate of the rule change and trend tools within these programming languages ​​is low. Thus, the work is consistent, but it can slow down your career progress.

2. The desire to “earn a lot of money” in the longer term

It is difficult to earn a lot of money immediately, starting with a zero level of knowledge. However, if you already have many years of programming experience, then it makes sense to consider AI (Artificial Intelligence). You can into account development of both a project modular part and individual services.

Nowadays, the most profitable position and trends for startups are in AI and data analysis spheres. Considering these directions, you need to study comprehensively both the theory and existing solutions.

Статьи: Какой язык программирования учить в 2019?. Сегодня самая прибыльная вакансия именно в ИИ и анализе данных.

Nowadays, the most profitable position and trends for startups are in AI and data analysis spheres.

3. I want to start with something and dive in for a long time, getting a steady income.

Initially, I recommend to start from scratch and get a full technical education. As the first language, you can choose C ++ for the command line, preferably on Linux. Then you can build several small applications from scratch and think about the preferable field again.

It is desirable to study another programming language, at least superficially, besides the main one. The matter is some tasks are easier and faster to solve using an additional programming language. Sometimes, there are simply no alternatives, as with JavaScript for browsers.

JavaScript is the most popular and universal programming language for today. It is included in the list of basic languages ​​to learn. It grew up into a full-fledged language from an auxiliary one. JavaScript provides an opportunity to create neural networks and microcontroller units (MCU). It is a high-level language with a large set of features, load problems, and sometimes inaccurate code execution.

If you opt for JS as the main programming language, then it’s helpful to learn Node.JS. Furthermore, it makes sense to study TypeScript which is one of the most popular programming languages ​​due to the stronger data typing.

4. I have a cool idea of the project and the desire to implement it myself

Sometimes, it is easier and faster to make something with the help of experienced professionals. However, in order to quickly get out your idea, you can create a prototype or even a fully-fledged application using ready-made tools. There are a lot of services that simplify the development process and require significantly less code, which makes life easier and saves time.

Programming Languages Rankings 2019

Статьи: Какой язык программирования учить в 2019?. Рейтинг языков программирования по данным dou.ua

Programming Languages Rankings 2019 by dou.ua

What language to start programming with

Selecting a programming language depends entirely on the purpose of use and the ease of understanding. You should feel confident and comfortable. I recommend you to make a choice based on your needs, research and market demand.

I see a promising future for JavaScript and Go. If you want to deal with data mining, then learn Python. If you want to create mobile applications, learn JavaScript. Anyway, programming languages ​​are those tools that help bring the best ideas to life through the creation of digital products.

Would you like to be part of a huge movement and make your contribution to innovative changes? Evolve in one direction and become the best in your field.

And what language do you consider necessary to learn in 2019?

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