Position : mobile app developer

Position : mobile app developer

Mobile-developer is an IT specialist, oriented on developing iOS and Android mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Due to the face that mobile applications are created by means of programming, a mobile developer is firstly a programmer working with such programming languages as Java, Objective-C, and Swift, depending on the platform.


Based on a study of Statista, in 2014 there were one 57 billion active smartphone customers in the world, plus by the conclusion associated with 2017, their number arrived at 2. 32 billion, a good increase of 48% more than this period. The development rate of mobile customers is increasing every 12 months, while the quantity of produced applications is increasing. In order to reach a growing audience, there is a shortage of qualified developers in the market.


The development market for mobile devices is a gold mine for many business areas. The trends of recent years demonstrate not only an increase in the number of downloaded products but also an increase in sales within programs. Thus, the gross earnings of mobile application advancement companies are growing yearly by typically 20%, plus by 2020 it is going to surpass $ 100 billion (App Annie data).


The size associated with the mobile products marketplace guarantees highly skilled designers employment and top jobs in payroll ratings.


Within this article, we are going to appear at the pros and cons of this occupation, the qualities and abilities needed by an expert with this field, as well as helpful techniques for novice programmers.


Mobile developer specializes in building software products for mobile devices.


Mobile applications are usually of various types based on the subject and features performed. There are entertainment applications (for learning dialects, reading books, travelling, sports), shopping applications (e-commerce segment) along with a separate category – mobile games. Mobile applications are also classified depending on the platform for which they are developed (Android, iOS, Windows Phone or cross-platform utilities).


The development profession is fairly new, especially in Russia and the CIS, so there are no specific requirements for this category of professionals. According to the analysis of vacancies of many IT studios, the developer is required to understand both programming, and frontend and backend, and in the design of user interfaces and layout.


Among the advantages of a mobile app developer, we can underline the following ones::


  • Decent wages. There is a shortage of qualified developers in the market, which affects the level of wages.


  • An interesting and exciting profession. Technologies are rapidly becoming obsolete, so to stay on top of the skill, the programmer needs to improve, keep abreast of new products in the IT industry, constantly replenish the store of knowledge and skills. The constant search for information on forums and specialized sites, analysis of large amounts of information keeps the brain in good shape.


  • Career prospects. For a good Java-developer of the program is not the ultimate goal. It can successfully develop, mastering the technology of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things (internet-of-things).


The disadvantages of the profession can be ascribed to the requirements of consumers and all the similar huge amounts of information in addition to a regular search of which does not relax regarding a minute. So, when you don’t like to be able to read, read a whole lot and analyze what an individual read, then you should never even develop programs.



If you want to develop complex mobile applications, you need to have the following skills:


  • OOP knowledge (Java, Objective-C, Swift);

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS knowledge;

  • Experience in working with design patterns;

  • Knowledge of SQL and network protocols.


In order to continue rogressing in the mobile development area, you will have to delve into Computer Science, algorithms, data structures. A professional developer must also understand the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) philosophy in order not only to write programs but to make useful and easy-to-use products.


Personal qualities:


  • Perseverance and tenacity;

  • Curiosity;

  • Stress resistance;

  • Multitasking;

  • Be result-oriented.


Beginners are advised to start out with all the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP). The network provides extensive educational materials in addition to video tutorials on this specific topic. OOP research is usually best done by using a certain language, Java or Objective-C. We recommend Java, as it is not only typically the language of Android programming, but one of the key engines for creating an application.


When you learn the essentials of Java programming, consider some time to training. Make an effort to program in a new language, creating plans of different levels regarding complexity. As soon since you feel that an individual has become from Espresso to you, check out typically the next stage – going through the features of development regarding mobile platforms Android or perhaps iOS.


On the web, you can find several courses on the essentials of creating programs regarding iOS and Android. We recommend the following of them:



Application designers can be a great help for novice developers. These free and shareware services will help you create a mobile application using a specific set of templates. Some of these platforms open source code and program documentation to the user, which allows studying the project from the inside and making necessary changes to the code.


Here are some more tips:


  • Learn open-source applications adopting practices from experienced developers;

  • Use platforms for code checking;

  • Communicate with other developers;

  • Learn something new about programming day by day.


keep a sharp lookout for the following conferences:


  • Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – a conference for iOS developers.

  • Google I/O – a conference for Android developers.

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