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Adaptive markup: learning or immediately into battle?

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MVC: what is it and how it relates to the user interface

Recently, I talked a lot about MVC (Model-View-Controller) with a number of programmers who hold positions at various levels in software companies. I met a lot of misunderstanding and now I want to share my thoughts on this issue. MVC is a very abstract thing, and this is the main cause of misunderstanding – an…

Practical application of JavaScript

Once, I faced the situation to make a choice in my life, picking the direction in programming. I have chosen web development. I was a bit familiar with HTML and CSS, but I wasn’t familiar with JavaScript at all. Thus, I started writing a simple test site, limited to static pages, after a couple of…

Who can become a programmer?

YouAreAProgrammer, or What is a special mindset Perhaps this is the most common myth. Different things are said, for example: programmers somehow have a different brain, they are alienated and closed. Honestly, you will not become a successful professional without these characteristics. Is it true? Partly. A successful programmer is not always obliged to be…

Models or types

The main problem of the old web development school is their substitution of the type concept for the model concept. I refer to the old school (instead of the reference to “dynamic typing”) because of Java. They still continue to promote the completely outrageous idea of ​​”ORM” today. But all in good time.   What…

Adaptive markup: learning or immediately into battle?

Let’s recall that a markup developer is a person who must make the web page look exactly the same as its design layout in PSD format. The XHTML/HTML markup languages ​​and CSS cascading style sheets help them with this.   The coder does not just create the code for every detail of the site –…