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PHP8 While all progressive humanity is switching to PHP7, and the less progressive is still languishing over some 5.4, I decided to find out what is promised in the eighth version and when it is promised to be released.   The official wiki has a page where you can familiarize yourself with a rather meagre…

How to become a programmer from scratch

    In this article, I will try to explain whether it is possible to become a programmer from scratch and what are those ways to become a developer without assistance and start getting profit on it.   I have tried to provide you with the most effective and relevant way of becoming a developer….

Hacking a website and its results

The times when the sites were hacked just for fun have gone. Under modern conditions, the websites are attacked for getting a profit. Any website, even with low traffic and indexes, can be attacked.   The site hacking can be both directed and massive. Directed attacks mean that the hacker is personally interested in hacking…

Read PEP 8 and write code as Guido van Rossum does

In a bid for an attractive and comprehensive code, Python community needs reference point: what is good and what is bad. The programming language creator Guido van Rossum and his partner Barry Warsaw have described pretty good Python code style in PEP 8. The provided brief overview of PEP 8 will help you orientate in…

Popular IDEs and their disadvantages

There are no ideal products, for your guidance. The most important element in the application development process is picking the right IDE, which depends not only the platform but on the professional level as well. Let’s get acquainted with the most popular IDEs, discussing both the advantages, disadvantages and the developers’ reviews. Let’s begin with…