Learn programming from scratch at home

Without fail, with trouble beating life obstructions, I need to take and redraw this world for myself. Tragically, we have not conceived makers of this universe. For the individuals who need to fulfil their maker desire, just the virtual world remains. 


Despite the fact that the creation here will require less enchantment and information of the runes as learning of the nuts and bolts of programming. Consequently, for all amateur makers of augmented reality, we will discuss how to figure out how to program.


Table of contents

  • What should a beginner know

    • Highlights of picking up programming in the post-Soviet space

    • What language to start learning programming from

    • Programs (compilers) for programming

    • Patterns in the programming market

What should a beginner know

Regardless of the amount one might want to let it be known, as a general rule writing computer programs isn’t such an enchantment thing. Making a code can at times be contrasted with strolling shoeless on the seabed, strewn with sharp stone pieces.


To turn into a software engineer, you should be brilliant, yet additionally quiet and relentless. Preparing in writing computer programs is constantly joined by migraine, red eyes from absence of rest, and a withdrew look. It is through it that you can without much of a stretch perceive the software engineer.


Numerous apprentices figure out how to compose code nearly the most sentimental calling. Particularly expanded the quantity of the individuals who need to get the hang of programming subsequent to viewing the motion picture “The Matrix”. It was the hero of this image Neo pushed numerous toward turning into the way of appreciation of program sciences:


What should a beginner know


Be that as it may, a large portion of the individuals who began contemplating drop him in half a month. Also, the primary explanation behind this is a misguided course of study, philosophy, or even a reading material on programming.

Highlights of picking up programming in the post-Soviet space

After the breakdown of the USSR, every single residential college for quite a while did do whatever it takes not to redraw their preparation framework to the necessities of the cutting edge advertising. Not a special case to this standard and specialized colleges.


Programming as a different industry and specialization did not exist thusly. Its basics were encouraged uniquely as a connection to other designing controls. Also, even those morsels of learning that were given to understudies in this field did not fulfil current guidelines and lost their pertinence 20-30 years prior.


In the nations of the previous USSR, BASIC was the primary programming language instructed in specialized colleges.


The circumstance has not changed drastically following 10 years. Just a couple of instructive establishments, having perceived the patterns of the new time, toward the start of the two thousandth year started to reshape their investigations to world measures. Also, just starting here on, programming started to be seen as a different calling and specialization of instruction:


Highlights of picking up programming in the post-Soviet space



At the same time, various specialized commercial courses and educational institutions began to appear. But the quality of teaching and the knowledge given in them was at an extremely low level. There were not enough competent professionals who were able to teach beginners not only theoretical knowledge but also practical programming skills.

And this is the most important aspect of the profession. Therefore, most of today’s gurus of the Russian IT industry began their programming training from scratch on their own.


To some extent, this trend continues to this day. Although in our time the number of professionals involved in teaching, has increased markedly.

What language to start learning programming from

Comprehension of program sciences is characterized not only by hard training but also by its beginning. Sometimes it is difficult for a beginner not only to start an independent study but also to determine the coordinates of the starting point of the process. Therefore, we will try to help you get around all these difficulties:



What language to start learning programming from


Before you break your teeth about the rock of science, you ought to choose where to begin picking up programming. At the principal stages, it is hard to settle on a specialization. Hence, we start with the choice of the main language.


Frequently, the decision falls on the programming language C (si). It is from him that most apprentices the world over start their investigations. The fundamental piece of program dialects was made based on C, and in numerous regards, they acquire its structure and language structure.


Examining C, you become familiar with the nuts and bolts of not one programming language, yet a few without a moment’s delay.



What language to start learning programming from


Think about the highlights of this language, making it ideal for learning:


  • An easy to get premise – a piece of the implicit highlights of the language for straightforwardness is taken out in independently associated libraries. These components incorporate the majority of the scientific capacities and techniques for working with the record framework;

  • Ideally customized sort framework – because of a basic arrangement of information types and solid composing, the danger of missteps during the time spent composition code is decreased;

  • Concentrate C on a procedural kind of programming, in which there is a reasonable pecking order of all code components;

  • Access to machine memory utilizing pointers;

  • The base number of catchphrases bolstered;

  • Backing for the extent of names;

  • Backing for custom information types (affiliations and structures).


Basically, C is the thing that an amateur should begin with before figuring out how to program in different dialects.

Programs (compilers) for programming

For getting the hang of programming, it isn’t sufficient simply the longing and the accessibility of a PC with Internet get to. To compose C programs, you need specific programming – the compiler.


A compiler is an extraordinary program that makes an interpretation of program code into a structure that is justifiable for a PC.


Here are some particular compilers with C language support:


  • Microsoft Visual Studio is an expert apparatus that supports numerous dialects, including a few server ones. Appropriate for amateurs, in the event that you take it “for development”:


Programs (compilers) for programming


  • Borland C ++ is a free compiler, ideal for the apprentice. In contrast to the past instrument, it has an unmistakable and justifiable interface. Hence, its advancement won’t cause any unique troubles even with the free improvement of the nuts and bolts of programming:


Programs (compilers) for programming


  • Code::Blocks is a free advancement condition that supports composing code in numerous dialects. Medium trouble in acing a choice:


Programs (compilers) for programming


Considering special literature, we won’t inform books regarding certain writers. Here, as it’s been said, pick what your heart wants. Since as a rule, the determination of an instructional exercise on writing computer programs is an individual procedure. Utilize the source that is most reasonable for you.


Indeed, and on the Internet, you can discover a great deal of data. For instance, on our site specific area on IT themes dedicated an entire segment.

Patterns in the programming market

In the wake of acing the nuts and bolts of programming, numerous quickly have an inquiry concerning where to go straight away. As of now at this phase of preparing should consider picking a noteworthy specialization in the field of programming. Here are the ones that are most sought after in the present market:


  • Web programming – PHP, CSS and HTML will be required here;

  • Advancement of uses for the Android versatile working framework – this stage depends on Java. Accordingly, information about the rudiments of this language is required;

  • C# is a far off relative of C. In view of C #, ASP.net web innovation from Microsoft was assembled.


Patterns in the programming market


And the last tip for all beginners. Before you start learning programming from scratch, you need to be patient. Also: pills for headache, coffee, tea and shave the skull bald. Because during the comprehension of program sciences, students often pull hair from their heads along with the root. Have a good start!

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