Learning algorithms and data structures properly

Any developer deals with such terms as algorithms and data structures. Here we offer you an article that will help you master such complicated things.


Data structures and algorithms are pretty difficult in learning. Moreover, there are tons of them, just take a look at the small list of different data structures and algorithms: Data Structures and Algorithms.


So what should you do?

In order to master these programming areas, you will need two things: understanding and practice. Here we have prepared a list of steps that will help you to accomplish this complex task.


Exactly like theory is nothing without practice, so practice is nothing without theory. Continuously learning, reading, absorbing new knowledge – all this without exaggeration is the responsibility of any self-respecting programmer. Although today learning algorithms is not such a mandatory rule as it was before, knowledge of algorithms is a good tone for a programmer. In addition to the list that people offered at the beginning of this article, we suggest you draw your attention to the directory of algorithms that are useful for solving programming olympiad problems.


Reading books on the theory of methods is also wise for practice. We all advise you to pay attention to the publication Introduction to Algorithms, that has been published by MIT.

When you study new algorithms and data structures, you will get started to notice this trend: the more you learn, the less you know. The more you know, a lot more you need to know additionally.


Carry out not immediately take upwards the implementation. First, make sure that you understand all areas of the examine. Try to “become a computer” by doing each step of the protocol manually, in writing.


This step should be performed at the same time as the previous one. Practice will help to consolidate knowledge and give you the ability to use in numerous ways with developed or data structure to fix your problems.


You can practice, of course, and on the book, but there are a number of platforms that can be your platform for learning. We provide you with a directory of similar online programs:


  • CodeForces (data structures). Regular trials, the ability to learn from the judgements of other people, as well as the frequent accessibility to new tasks makes this resource very interesting to learn.

  • HackerRank (algorithms). The resource is just like CodeForces: the frequent competition of programmers for speed or efficiency of the perfect solution is will add a share of pleasure to the learning process. Additionally, the motivation may be that you can even be invited to work using this program since it is constantly monitored by various IT companies.

  • Several more words can be said about the next platforms, but we will limit ourselves to the list, otherwise, this article will be too long: USACO, HackerEarth, TopCoder, SPOJ, SodeChef.


Write code that works, ready and debugged, if necessary. You ought to be able to write a data structure or algorithm from scratch by simply looking at a part of the paper. If you get stuck, then maybe you missed something and you should go again to step one.

We provide you with a look at quite a few learning resources which will help you in studying your data structures:


  • Data Science Courses

  • Data Structures and Methods

  • Code Monk – End up being the programmer or Records on HackerEarth


The research of data structures is, first of all, their understanding, and not merely execution. This is due to the fact that manipulating a data structure so that it fits a particular problem requires you to understand the principles of functioning of the data structure. Thus, regardless of in which language the data structure is written. Instead, better try to present the principles of its work, by using a piece of paper and a pen.

Never stop! Even if it is very difficult

Acknowledgement of defeat, the decision to surrender is what got in the way of nearly every developer, but only those who had the will energy to not surrender, but to continue, achieved something while being a programmer.

  • Go through the code of other programmers. You shouldn’t mindlessly copy and paste the code; try to understand the key concept of the solution better. After that, near the code and try to write your own solution, depending on what you just read, but in spite of the program code. Everyone these days, because only if you were able to solve the situation in this way, you can say for certain that you really know how everything works.

  • All tasks that you will come across as a programmer have similar problems. Thus, during the painstaking work with algorithms and data constructions you will understand to solve problems that once seemed unsolvable to you.


It is believed that competition is the best practice. Such events will help you learn to better control yourself in stressful situations, as well as check how well you are familiar with a particular topic. After each competition, ensure that you understand and solve all the jobs that you failed to solve during the competition. It really is the most important!


You will not be able to touch certain heights in any sphere if you do not like doing it.

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