Java programming courses for beginners

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. In this video course, we will explore all the main points in Java, as well as cover the topic of OOP and the construction of graphic design (program interface).

As of today, Java is the most famous and popular among all programming languages. Began to exist since 1996, initially developed in the company of Sun Microsystems. Over time, it was swallowed by Oracle Corporation. The developers planned to make Java a universal language applicable for almost all tasks.


Java programming courses for beginners

Over the past 23 years, Java has greatly expanded and improved. Today, the current version is Java 11, released last September. During this time, Java has become more than a universal purpose language. It can be called a full-fledged platform, which has its own ecosystem. Today, the language can really be used for anything: from creating small programs to Internet portals of colossal amounts. Often used to develop software for all known computers, smartphones and smart appliances. Most of all Android apps are written in Java.

Java features

Java has many features, but the key principle is the principle of translating code into a special byte code that is not tied to the platform. Subsequently, this bytecode is processed by the JVM. This factor distinguishes Java from other interpreted languages ​​like Perl, PHP, etc. The code immediately enters the interpreter. On the other hand, Java also does not apply to exclusively compiled languages ​​(like C-like).

Due to the unusual architecture achieved cross-platform and portability of applications based on Java. Such products can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and it does not even need to recompile the code. The implementation of JVM on all platforms may be different, but the principle and the course of execution remain the same.

Java syntax is close to C languages, very much like C # and C ++. If there is knowledge of one of the C-like languages, it will not be difficult to understand Java.

The next important feature of the language is that it automatically collects all the garbage and removes it from the memory. In practice, this means that Java without additional commands deletes unused and obsolete objects from memory. In other languages, this has to be done manually, periodically registering the appropriate commands.


Java programming courses for beginners

Java is ranked in object-oriented languages. There is support for inheritance, polymorphism and other things. This approach helps to create large projects that are easy to scale, expand and edit.

This is a relatively simple language that can be learned quickly. Due to the frameworks on it, it is possible in a couple of teams to create standard functionality for sites, games and applications on PCs and smartphones, without being associated with low-level code.

Although Java is a universal language, you need to choose in advance the industry in which there is a desire to continue to work. The thing is that the language has a lot of libraries, it’s just unrealistic to learn everything. It is better to determine the target sphere and study the appropriate libraries.

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