How to become a programmer from scratch

How to become a programmer from scratch



In this article, I will try to explain whether it is possible to become a programmer from scratch and what are those ways to become a developer without assistance and start getting profit on it.


I have tried to provide you with the most effective and relevant way of becoming a developer. Watch out, it can lead to dozens of interesting hours.


I need to say that if you want to learn programming without any financial investments, then you will need to spend more time. You should lot upon the new speciality mastering for at least a year if you learn programming together with some kind of other activity, like work.


Table of contents


  • How to start learning programming

    • A book on web programming for beginners

    • Free online course to learn programming

  • What kind of programmer to become?

  • How to become a programmer yourself from scratch

    • 1. Understand HTML and CSS

    • 2. Get to know jQuery

    • 3. To master server programming language

    • A good option is the Python and Django programming language.

    • Django is arguably the best framework for web development.

    • Option number 2 – PHP and WordPress

  • How to start earning a programmer

  • Fast path to web developers


Where to start learning how to code


This article contains the best practices based on my experience if you want to master programming yourself. All this is still relevant with a couple of additions.


The book on programming for beginners


In 2018, the book “Introduction to Software Development” by Jacob Kramarenko appeared. For those who learn programming from scratch, it is probably the best book to start with. The book covers the initial steps in web development, without affecting the server side. Jacob in an accessible form tells about HTML, CSS and Javascript, which are necessary if you are learning web programming.


Thus, now you have a choice: either read this article till the end and utilise our recommendations or start with Jacob’s book 🙂


Free online course to master programming



I also highly recommend the Harvard CS50 Programming Course: https://cs50.harvard.edu/.


It is better to complete the course in English. And the language pump, and the information is fresher. Although the course has not changed much – only in 2017 instead of PHP began to use Python.


It will take time to complete the course, but it will give a fairly complete understanding that it is difficult otherwise to get on your own.


Further – my original recommendations, actual and today.


What kind of programmer to become?


Initially, you need to decide which direction of programming you are interested in. If we are talking about learning development from scratch and you want to start earning money on it soon, then in my opinion there are two options: mobile development or web development.


The best choice in this situation – in my opinion – start exploring web development. Here, the entry threshold for beginners is lower and there is an opportunity to start fulfilling simple orders earlier.


Therefore, I will continue to talk about how to independently study web development and start programming under the web.


How to become a programmer from scratch



How to become a programmer from scratch


If I started learning programming from scratch (realizing that it is a much longer way without investing money), then I would recommend the following way to myself:


1. Learn HTML and CSS


A good course for basic development of HTML and CSS: https://learn.shayhowe.com/html-css/.


If possible, I recommend reading all materials in English – you will need it in your work as a programmer.


After that you should look at the capabilities of Bootstrap, which has become the de facto standard for accelerated development of web applications: http://getbootstrap.com/


This will be enough for the next steps.

You may want to stop at this point and learn more about CSS. This will give you the opportunity to work as a typesetter – a person who makes a static HTML page from a design, after which the programmer animates it by implementing the logic of the project.


You can also make money on this – both in freelancing and working in an IT company that specializes in web development.


But once we decided to become a programmer – move on!


How to become a programmer from scratch


2. Learn jQuery



If you like it, you can continue to deal with the frontend and start learning Javascript.


If https://angularjs.org/ or http://backbonejs.org/ goes next – then this is the way to the front-end development. A good specialty, especially since such knowledge will be useful to any programmer who has chosen a web development.


My advice is to stop at jQuery and move on.


3. Master server programming language


There is a great choice. The most promising programming languages ​​are Ruby, Java, Python, Node.JS (Javascript for the server).


The easiest programming language for a beginner will be Python. If you learn Python, and then the Django framework for web development, you will have everything you need to do some fairly complex projects on your own.


A decent alternative is the Python and Django programming languages.


Plus – Python and Django will teach you how to “correct” programming. Python is consistently in the TOP 5-10 of the most popular languages, and good specialists in Python are among the highest paid programmers. Python is both a simple and understandable programming language for novice programmers, and is used in many large companies and large projects.


In general, I love Python and recommend starting with it.


For self-learning, read Jason Briggs’s “Python for Children” or see:


Among other materials, I recommend Learn Python The Hard Way. the book “Simple Python. Modern programming style. And of course The Python 2 Tutorial and The Python 3 Tutorial.


Django is probably the best programming language for web development.


The best tool for all occasions is very difficult to find. Django has every chance of becoming such a tool for web development.


I definitely recommend meeting him.


Where to start to learn Django:


Start with official documentation, there is a very good tutorial: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/2.1/intro/


Then look at http://www.tangowithdjango.com/


Tango with Django is a good opportunity to improve English and at the same time get an understanding of how web projects are organized and how everything works.


Alternative number 2 – PHP and WordPress


If you are learning programming yourself and want to get started quickly, start with PHP.


Many consider PHP to be a “not quite real” programming language and there is a reason for this. PHP is rarely used in large web applications and sharpened only for the web – it will not work in other areas.


On the other hand, PHP is leading in the number of sites launched in the world. It is based on the most popular CMS (site management system).


To start, I recommend the book: “Learning PHP and MySQL” by authors Lynn Bailey and Michael Morrison


After that, deal with the creation of themes under WordPress – this is probably the most popular CMS in the world, if measured by the number of running sites.


Well deal with this, you can already find a job. There are a lot of sites for PHP and WordPress, so there is enough work for everyone.


How to start earning on programming


Many people imagine the work of a developer in the following way:


How to become a programmer from scratch


Or this way:


How to become a programmer from scratch


Actually, it has approximately the following picture:


programming for beginners


If you are ready to work as a programmer and are looking for a way to earn money – welcome to freelancing! Freelance exchanges will allow you to find simple orders (perhaps almost free of charge at first) – to get practice. As a rule, work in an IT company can be more profitable if you are just looking for a job as a programmer.

Already after point 2 – having mastered HTML, CSS and jQuery – you can go to the freelance exchange and take simple orders, building up a profile.

Do you know English? https://www.upwork.com


By the time you can create websites yourself, it will be easier for you to find customers – there will be reviews and experience.


A quick way to web developers


Based on my experience, it will take from 6 to 12 months to study programming from scratch at best, while 6 months is if someone helps you.


To speed up the process of entering IT – look for an opportunity to go to the training (you may need more than one) or find someone who will work with you. In reality, without a person who will give you his knowledge – it is very difficult, you can sit a year behind the books and never start. And with a knowledgeable person who can just talk about complicated things is much easier.


At one time I chose the path of entry through the training. With that, I knew a lot about development, it allowed me in 2 months to master something that could take half a year. Search for your way.


There are numerous different courses. In the event that you get yourself a guide – an individual who will hold you by the hand – this will perceptibly abbreviate your way to the engineers.


When you feel sure that you can make something – search for an organization where you can grow further or freelance.


HTML, CSS, Python, and Javascript are simply fundamental learning, the initial step. Further practice is significant, the investigation of calculations and improvement instruments.



How to become a programmer from scratch



I believe this article will be helpful and efficient for you!


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