Benefits and drawbacks of online learning

With huge confidence, we can state that if you reached this article, then you are quite experienced Internet users. You definitely used search systems and you know how to find a movie, book, or useful tip. Generally, you have been extracting information. Thus, it does not differ from e-learning or so-called online learning.

Pros plus cons of online studying

The debate about the particular merits and demerits of distance learning continues to be going on with regard to nearly 50 years, beginning in 1969, when the Decree of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II created the Open University to supply a chance to gain knowledge for individuals who work in a hassle-free place and a convenient time. From this particular point on, discussions are usually held on the usefulness and viability of online education.

The pros plus cons of online courses

A set of disadvantages that critics of on the internet courses tell about is pretty expected:


  • isolation from the outside world;

  • lack associated with live communication with the particular teacher and fellow college students;

  • the absence associated with the usual media (paper textbooks, notebooks, etc. );

  • lack of the clear timetable for courses, that is, discipline;

  • organizational issues are solved independently (there will never be the group headman);

  • evaluation of the material, moving tests you perform separately. Group projects are not really as common on Internet courses.


Now let’s take a look at the advantages:


  • no binding towards the place. You can exercise anywhere: in the nation, on holiday on the seashore, even in public transport

  • you can choose the most convenient form for presenting material: audio, video, even animated.

  • you can study in any convenient for you, at any time convenient for you.

  • you get the latest and relevant information from “those who are in the subject, ” who really works in this area today.

  • you study only what you need, without adding unnecessary items.


Disputes, let us assume, will continue further. But the fact that the popularity of online courses is growing cannot be denied.


How to choose online courses?

  • read carefully the course;

  • study in detail the preliminary requirements, so as not to be the only one to whom it is generally not clear what the teacher is talking about;

  • collect reviews about the organizers and teachers;

  • try to find those who have already completed the courses, and ask additional questions on the structure, quality, costs;

  • calculate the required time correctly, almost certainly you will need more than what is stated in the education program.

  • If you are experiencing language problems, search for courses along with translation at least with subtitles.

Training and control

Online courses really are a full-fledged studying process, with inherent characteristics, including tests, examinations, and so on. Topics are fixed simply by practical exercises, the knowledge of the subject is checked with the help of tests.


They are of two kinds. Ordinary – everything is just like in the real exam, just one attempt – either you know it or not. You cannot cheat in working with a computer. You have an infinite number of attempts, but each attempt is possible after a certain period of time, from 10 minutes to once a week.


   Practical tasks, most often, furthermore come in two types: tasks with a solution, with automatic verification, or any kind of work, which usually is estimated by 5 random fellow students, a person, in turn, also evaluate five random jobs. Along with such a cross-check, 1 also does not possess to expect softness through classmates.


  Your final quality will be made upward of all interims, with regard to all passed to ensure that you use tasks, so do not really think that you may retake or correct. Much better to get ready immediately.


To put a finish to talk about the advantages and cons, let’s consider research in this region: 77% of teachers through leading universities in the particular world say about the particular effectiveness of online programs. Within their opinion, this type of education is within no way inferior to the full-time option.

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