6 good languages to start programming

How beginners should choose a programming language for future work? Should they evaluate the salaries level? Relevance? Should they take into account the language’s learning curve? Or they should accurately learn the trend line popularity?


6 good languages to start programming


Actually, you can spend a large amount of time choosing the best programming language. However, when it comes to personal contact, you will most likely change the language. Today, we want to provide you with those options that combine the easiness and relevance in the market that is quite actual for the majority of beginners. These two arguments are pretty easy-to-check, so the following result will be quite close to objectivity.


We require two reputable ratings. The simplicity studying will be assessed conditionally – it is impossible to express it in points, but it is possible to generate a set of “simple” using communautaire opinions.


We will arrange them in line with the demand rating. Regarding the base put into effect a number of foreign articles, even though the market reality will be confirmed with the aid of such aggregators as hh.ru and trud.com. Statistics, of course, is taken at the moment of writing, and the publication is unlikely to alter much.

We will not take into consideration the level of salaries and the self-sufficiency of language, simply as a result of the relativity of such criteria.

6 good languages to start programming


Formally, Swift, naturally, is still not as popular among employers as Objective-C, and it is in debt for much to the overall platform to hit this rating. But for ignoring the perspective in this score is absolutely impossible. Consequently, we recommend starting the analysis now. We invite one to a free two-hour extensive on the basics of Swift.


Calling C or C++ languages easy to learn is not entirely correct, especially when compared to Python or Ruby. But in this case, it is worth talking about the huge amount of high-quality educational literature, the fundamentality and the useful balance that remains in your head, even if you do not connect your future life with them.


Not only is JavaScript extremely in demand in the modern world due to the crazy development of Internet technologies, but thanks to the modules and libraries, its zone of influence also started to spread to all other IT spheres.


Add to this the fact that JavaScript is relatively easy to learn. Borrowing basic things from C and progressively developing from a bonus component for HTML and CSS to independent force, he received a digestible syntax and an extremely clear logic for a beginner.


When it comes to a collection of arguments, ease and relevance (in that order), most developers think first about Python. It is a time-tested language and millions of students, it saves valuable time both at the learning stage and in the application. At the same time, the number of IT areas where you might need Python is not limited to anything at all. Many thanks to fans enthusiasts and the Python Software Foundation.


Java is a great language in every way. This is confirmed by the statistics of TIOBE, and the most popular OS in the world, and simply by the fact that it is a fairly simple language with a very powerful ecosystem.


Yes, these are not impressive results compared to some previous applicants, but, firstly, this is due to the specifics of our IT market, secondly, the upward trend is strictly positive, thirdly, Java will still be simpler than C/C++.


Surely you don’t want to see such a leader, but there is nothing to formally find fault with here. It is very difficult that you should avoid using the database in modern realities, and nobody has yet invented a tool that is more universal than SQL. It is this fact that allows this language to firmly sit in first place in almost all such ratings.


The language of domestic figures here is not very obviously reflecting the real demand, but in the leadership of SQL in this ranking will not make you doubt.

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