21 free hosting services for your website

Hello, dear readers. Today I would like to speak about the options of free hosting for a website that you simply may have at the initial stage of acquaintance with web development, once you are not sure that you will work on your website and spend money for its maintenance.


Since most popular website engines (both paid and free) need support for PHP (web programming language) and MySQL (databases), it’s this sort of hosting that I’d prefer to receive at my full disposal. During this article, I’ll simply tell you about the collection of such services, and you’ll be ready to select the best option for yourself which will best suit your particular tasks.


My first free hosting. What determined the selection?


Actually, I am not greedy and was ready at the initial stage of development of my website to pay 2 USD per month or more for full-fledged hosting. However, I didn’t try this, and for quite a while I used that so-called “free hosting”, and there are several reasons for such a decision.


  1. First, reading the reviews I understood that low-cost hosting will simply be terribly problematic and buggy and its management is inaccessible and not loyal to users. Free hosting will simply suffer from this, but it can be understood.


  1. Secondly, as any novice user, I made a decision to create my 1st web project on a free engine (at 1st it had been Joomla, then I used WordPress) and it’d be logical to make it in a freeway. It is free of any responsibility, and if you suddenly get tired of playing with the website development (or something else goes wrong), then you’ll safely quit all this without spending money.


As you may know, hosting services are divided into those that support the PHP programing language and MySQL databases, and those that don’t. The latter can be found more rarely, however, you can meet them among the free options.


With PHP and MySQL, we will most likely use hosting to create a site “running on the engine” (utilizing the content management system – CMS). The most well known are Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Bitrix, and so forth. In the event that there is no help for PHP and MySQL on a free hosting, then your point is HTML pages and that’s it (in spite of the fact that for a business card website or a straightforward greeting page, this may be completely enough).


Be that as it may, the utilization of CMS (engine) guarantees us extensive advantages when creating and maintaining a lot of complex websites, blogs, and other forums. There are integrated editors like Word, and a lot of extensions to add new functionality, and the knowledge of HTML, CSS (and particularly PHP) isn’t required. Simply take it and create! All in all, it is a perfect option for a beginner web developer.


However, the world develops rapidly and in the course of the last 7 years there have emerged numerous prominent free hosting options, and furthermore those that previously existed have been developed further. It is hard to decide the leader among them, so I’ll simply list all of them and quickly go over their pros and cons.


If you need to offer an outstanding and endorsed variant of free hosting, at that point portray it in the blink of an eye with the goal that you can rapidly move data to the article.


10 free hostings for a site with php and mysql support


I do not in any way want to single out leaders and outsiders among the hosting providers below, providing free access to their resources, because everyone has their own tasks, and to a certain extent everything depends on the notorious “lucky / unlucky” the server will hit your site, what will be the “neighbors”, will their sites be ddosit and much more). By the way, you can defend against Ddos for free in CloudFlare – this is just in case. In general, you choose for yourself, and I will only try to make this choice for you a little more simple.


Hostiman is a rather unusual player in the “free hosting” market, because besides the usual hosting with PHP and MySQL support, it also provides free VPS, which in general is “Wow”. Here you can get space for 2 sites of 2 GB in size (with PHP and MySQL) on a modern server with DDR4 and SSD drives (fast). And all this for free!


However, there are a number of nuances, which are designed to cut off the possibility of using this service in “black and gray schemes.” As I already mentioned, there is also an opportunity to get free VPS / VDS servers (and very nimble ones), however there will be even more nuances for getting them. But “2 × 3700 MHz + 6 gb DDR4 + 40 gb SSD” for free! It seems to be a real God’s blessing in the hosting sphere!


Hut is not bad for small sites (they provide only 100 MB of disk space for free) or for beginners at the time of their training in webmastering, because PHP and MySQL support, and access to files is provided not only via FTP, but also via SSH. For an additional fee, you can buy a place, fasten a second-level domain and much more, but then it will not be free hosting.


By default, there is an advertisement that can also be turned off for money. In addition, there are user reviews that this hosting removes from free rates sites that do not have attendance or it is low. That’s it.


Hostinger has a pretty attractive tax plan actually:



True, under the auspices of the fight against phishing, etc. since the beginning of this year, they have introduced SMS activation, which many did not like, because the message is paid and expensive. In general, many are outraged and indignant, because before that they had been sitting at a free tariff for years and didn’t blow.


000webhost is a bourgeois free hosting with PHP and MySQL, as well as PHP mail and pre-installed Curl, GD2, ImageMagick. Provide 1.5 Gigabytes of space for the site and 100Gb for traffic. cPanel management. You can use two databases, bind five domains. At the same time, it seems there is no advertising and uptime is very decent, as well as the speed of the sites. But somehow everything is suspiciously “smooth”. Surely there are “childhood diseases” of all free hosting – buggy. But these are only guesses.


CpanelHosting is a young provider with a free tariff, which supports PHP and MySQL.


 It seems that everything you need is available (you can even choose the right PHP version from 4 to 7 and, of course, the control panel is a popular cPanel), but so far there are not enough reviews to draw any conclusions about the stability and usability of it. For some it will be important that the hosting is issued practically without registration (indicates the Email and all the necessary data comes to it) and without any SMS there (as in Hostinger recently).


nx0 provides with pretty attractive conditions.


True, many users are frustrated by the fact that to create their own account, they will have to verify their mobile phone number. Those who care about anonymity may not be satisfied with this option.


BestOf seems to be on the level. The guys are taking under the wing (in terms of technical support) those projects that are beneficial to people and are completely beneficial to society. There is support for PHP and MySQL and everything else that may be needed. But once again I repeat that this “free hosting is not for everyone.”


Byethost is another bourgeois free hosting and, again, very good. There is everything a webmaster can dream of – gigabytes for files, PHP and MySQL, five databases, a full-fledged .htaccess file, and the lack of advertising. What more could you want? Probably stability, but it can be checked only by experience.


ZZZ is a Ukrainian provider that provides a free hosting service with very good declared parameters and without advertising. As a matter of fact, you can check only in practice and unsubscribe just below in the comments.


Beget is a free hosting option from a rather large provider.


10 more options of free website hosting


The above options for implementing the concept of “free hosting” are different in that if you want, you can easily collect your manatki (site files, databases) and quietly leave either to another free hosting service, or to a paid one when you mature. This, in fact, is their charm. Freedom.


However, there are a number of other options for free site placement on the network, when you don’t need to bother with the engine, and there will be almost no technical problems, and you can immediately proceed to the main point – to fill the site with content. But often this simplicity entails depriving the very same freedom that was mentioned just above. Going with your farm to another place will be much more difficult. However, these methods still deserve at least a mention of them.


Thus, free hosting can be acquired in two additional cases:


  • if you decide to use the free (or partially free) site builder.

  • if you place your website (most often a blog) on ​​the so-called blog platforms, which also provide this service for free.


The main disadvantage of these methods (except for deprivation of freedom of movement) is also the complexity of monetizing your site (making money on it). Either the hosting provider will do this for you, or the profits will be less than a “free man” could have. However, if you don’t plan to make money on it, then it is quite possible to create a successful project even on a free platform, and the network is full of such examples.


Let’s start with free blogging platforms where you can start creating your website. Their main advantage is the ease of setting up a future site and the ease of adding materials to it. Among the many similar services “free hosting” can be identified:




  • WordPress.com – if you are already familiar with the WordPress engine, then this is an option when you are provided with almost all the same features and in addition you also get hosting for free. True, if you want more opportunities, then you will have to pay, but the free rate has almost everything you could wish for.


  •  LiveJournal is one of the most popular free blog platforms in runet. Register and get the opportunity to keep your diary (blog) there. Again, I use this service for crossposting.


  • Blogger is a free place for your blog (website), which was taken care of by the great and terrible Google. In terms of possible settings, statistics collection and monetization opportunities, this service stands out among the rest.


  •  LiveInternet is another great variant of the implementation of the “free hosting” concept based on the Russian blog platform.


Well, for a snack I can offer several options for obtaining free hosting, along with an online site builder. The basic features they have are free, and the creation of sites is conducted on an intuitive level (for many, the method “grabbed and dragged”). True, there is also a fly in the ointment – the source code of sites, as a rule, turns out to be “heavy”, and the functionality in some moments still loses to the engines.


  • Ucoz  is very popular in runet. Not to say, to create sites on it is very simple, but still easier than to do it on the engine. The functionality is quite advanced, there are detailed manuals, responsive Russian-language support, a lot of free templates, friends with Php and MySql (although, it seems to be paid), but … This is the BUT. The more popular your site is, the more advertising will be on it (sometimes even so that visitors will run away from it).


  • Wix is ​​very popular all over the world. The database is free and quite convenient for novice users, because it supports their favorite concept – picked up and dragged with the mouse. This applies to literally everything including the site design. Many colorful (if not to say pretentious) free templates. You can read more in the article about Wix. Advertising is not hammered to failure as Yukoz, but if you want a little more functionality or to remove advertising completely, then you will have to pay for it.


  • A5 is a clone of Wix. In its free version it is quite limited in functionality, but for simple sites it is fine. Working with him is quite simple and pleasant.


  • Nethouse – if you need a website for business (it’s strange that you are looking for free hosting, well, yes, this is your business), then this designer will help you to design a business card site or even a store, but you will be pretty much free limited to the number of products and their photos.


  • Jimdo – at a free rate you can construct a quite decent decent for yourself with adaptation for mobile devices, and even third-party advertising will not spin on it, which is good. But there are many restrictions that are designed to “strangle your toad” and force it to fork out. But you do not give in!


  • Setup is another hosting provider. Everything is both simple and complex. The matter is that you can easily and smoothly create a website, but it will be pretty tough to use the insufficient free version features.



All in all, you always have a choice. Those professionals who have considerable experience in creating complex websites will definitely opt for a paid hosting provider. The matter is that emerging troubles do not worth their valuable time. Apart from that, beginners have that time resource and will try to save money and get the required experienced at the same time. We have done the same way in our early days.

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