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Adaptive markup: learning or immediately into battle?

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Hibernate for beginners

I came across (not only me) the problem of running Hibernate. For this reason, I decided to cover this topic. Thus, Hibernate is a popular framework with the goal to link OOP and a relational database. Using Hibernate will reduce project development time in comparison with regular JDBC. Quite often, beginners face many difficulties in…

Creating first application on React Native

What is React Native? React Native is a framework for developing cross-platform applications. It allows creating and using components in the same way as we usually do in React, but they are rendered not in HTML, but in the native controls of the operating system under which our application will be built. So, we have…

Artificial intelligence is not what it seems.

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is a faithful human assistant. But many science fiction writers, scientists, and the general public are wondering: if it becomes smarter than a person tomorrow, what then? Actually, nothing. There is a snag in the word “smarter.” So far, modern computers are fundamentally no different from their ancestors on punched cards,…

UX vs UI: what is the difference

UI and UX – many of you have already heard about these concepts. But what really lies behind these abbreviations and are they as simple as they seem? To begin with, we need to state that comparing them is not that difficult, it is impossible, and not even correct. These are two completely different concepts…

Zeplin.io – interaction service for designers and developers

Zeplin is a new and pretty promising service. Its purpose is to make friends and speed up the interaction of designers and other developers. Currently, the service has come out with beta testing and is already tested in action. Sketch support is already out of the box, and Photoshop will appear a little later. Recently,…