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Benefits and drawbacks of online learning

With huge confidence, we can state that if you reached this article, then you are quite experienced Internet users. You definitely used search systems and you know how to find a movie, book, or useful tip. Generally, you have been extracting information. Thus, it does not differ from e-learning or so-called online learning. Pros plus…

14 advantages and disadvantages of online learning

Online education is attracting more and more people with a particular opportunity to save funds and time. It is predicted that this market will develop by tens of millions of dollars annually. But online courses are more irritating than traditional programs. It is very important to choose them correctly, concentrating not only on cost. Six…


I believe that the one who else introduced the idea of a user interface might not have thought how fantastic the sensation was in its features. Although this is just my guesswork. In any kind of case, the concept associated with the interface has extended the options of OOP very strongly.   So what is…

Position : mobile app developer

Mobile-developer is an IT specialist, oriented on developing iOS and Android mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Due to the face that mobile applications are created by means of programming, a mobile developer is firstly a programmer working with such programming languages as Java, Objective-C, and Swift, depending on the platform. WHAT ARE THE PROSPECTS…

String conversion in Python

In order to convert a number to a string in Python, we use the str() function, and to convert a string to a number, we use int() function (pic. 1)       Picture 1. Data conversion   Firstly, we create a string ‘234’ (pic. 1) and then add 2 to it. But the addition…