The strategy of gaining traffic from Reddit.com



Dealing with complex website promotion, link building guerilla marketing for any projects, I recommend paying attention to social network Reddit.com as a source of quality referral traffic.

This strategy will be especially useful for news and entertainment projects. However, it can serve as a channel for diversification of link mass and a source of referral traffic for other niches.


Today I want to tell you about the action plan for receiving traffic from the Reddit social network.

1. User registration

Oddly enough, Reddit has a very simple way to register: just enter your username and password, an e-mail address is optional.

2. Account development

There are 2 strategies of account development depending on your goals:

  • Newbie”. If your goal is to collect traffic one-time or practice. There are no drawbacks since it is possible to get as much traffic as from an authoritative profile with the right choice of topic and time of writing. Account age and credibility have virtually no influence in this social network. More importantly, you need to be useful for the users, helping them in solving interesting tasks, and you need to provide full coverage of the question.

  • “Authority”. Your goal is to build authority in a niche. The main drawback is that if you constantly mention only your product or service, wait for the account ban. For the account to be realistic, it will be necessary to apply significant time costs for natural communication on the network.


We can conclude that the newbie option is a pretty optimal account development strategy since there is no influence on referral traffic from the account’s age and authority.

3. Where you can get traffic

Reddit is built in the following way: each category has subscribers and the larger their number, the more likely you will receive a huge amount of traffic. On the flip side, more lively categories are updated more often, thus there are chances that your comments may get lost. In smaller and niche categories, the probability of receiving small parts of traffic is higher, but for 1-4 months. However, in large categories, the lifetime of the topic or comment is from 2 hours to 1-2 days.


There are two ways of getting traffic:

  • Create a topic. I advise you to do a non-advertising topic that will highlight the issue relevant to this category, and a link or a set of links will complement or clarify the topic.

  • Leave a useful comment. It is necessary to provide a comprehensive answer that reveals the question from all sides, and the links should be positioned as an addition to a deeper study of the topic.



4. How to get traffic?

You need to do the following things to get the biggest outcome:

  • find the category that best suits the promoted website theme;

  • comment on current topics using the search for the keyword you are interested in;

  • create your own theme;

  • receive upvotes and get to the top directories;

  • respond to incoming comments.


The quality of your question or answer is the main indicator that affects its popularity (other users place upvotes or downvotes). Moreover, it greatly affects the chances of receiving traffic. 


Consequently, do not spam and provide useful answers to the questions. This action plan will most likely provide you with website traffic.


I have recently conducted a practical experiment and here are the results:


  • Short-term activity – more than 1800 transitions per day;

  • Long-term activity – 25-50 transitions per day according to June.


Here are some tips for those who read down to this line:

  • often established links in this social network becomes dofollow after gaining a certain number of votes;

  • you can easily be inspired by the topic for writing new blog articles.


In case you have still questions on how to work with Reddit, I would be glad to discuss them in comments below.

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