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  • Social network Reddit.com

  • Social network Pinterest

  • Layered Links

  • Work with journalists

  • Blog Grids

  • Outreach

  • Video promotion

Social network Reddit.com

Reddit ranks fifth in traffic in the United States and fifteenth in the world. You should know the following important facts about the network:


  • Reddit is a self-regulatory community: here work the karma mechanism that is given for posts and comments. Do not try to post messages from thousands of accounts, you will be quickly detected and banned. It is better to spend more time, thus getting growing your karma.

  • Content placement provides short-term, but explosive traffic growth.

  • Reddit consists of subreddits that stand for analogues of groups in other social networks.

  • A successful post on Reddit receives almost a complete audience coverage: all users who logged into the subreddit will see the message. 


Another advantage of Reddit is its high user engagement. The average time a user spends on Reddit is more than 15 minutes per day. Here are some numbers for comparison: Facebook – 11 minutes, Twitter – 6 minutes.

How to promote a travel website on Reddit

In order to promote a travel website on Reddit, you need to make it ready for the promotion:


  • Correctly configure the hosting so that it withstands the traffic boom.

  • Create quality content.

  • Create the mobile version and make it user-friendly.

  • Create an email newsletter subscription form. Reddit users can be well converted into subscribers.

  • Place sharing social buttons, including Reddit.


Even a beginner can get traffic from Reddit. However, before starting, you need to prepare your account for 1-2 months:


  • Be active every day: comment different posts and vote;

  • Grow your account karma. Install the Redditenhancementsuite extension for assistance and use the Karmadecay service to check whether Reddit contains the picture you are going to publish. Reddit users do not appreciate when the pictures are repeated and may report it.

How to get traffic from Reddit

  1. Promote your website within popular subreddits with 1-10 thousand of subscribers. These subreddits should be targeted and you can create your own one. The latter is not available initially, but you will get this feature when you get a certain level of karma.

  2. Form a group of friends to promote each other’s posts. In Reddit itself, you should not advertise your friendship so that you are not banned.

  3. Republish old posts. Find a popular topic (i.e. one year old), rewrite your content and post one more time.


Перевыпускайте старые посты

  1. Create collections of better quality and bigger amount than competitors’ ones. In case you see “50 routes for traveling together” collection in the top, then you should create a bigger and better collection “70 routes for traveling together”.

Social network Pinterest

Pinterest takes the fourth place in the world among social networks. It is pretty similar to Instagram, but here you have an opportunity to place a link for each image. Actually, this platform shows excellent results in traffic growth. In addition, it has the largest organic traffic within Google among all social networks. Travelling is the most popular topic on Pinterest.


Note: Pinterest social network is discussed in details on Travelpayouts blog.


Most of the Pinterest community members are women (70%). More importantly, 40% of Pinterest users have more than $100,000 of annual revenue. It means the platform users are quite wealthy people with high purchasing power.


Board pictures can attract traffic for a long time. The average activity of a pin (messages with a picture) is 3.5 months. To compare, the average message activity on Facebook is 90 minutes, on Twitter – 24 minutes.


The key to Pinterest success is becoming an editor for popular group boards. These are analogues of groups on Facebook, but the difference is that you can ask the board administrator to give you the right to publish materials on the board.


How to prepare your website for promoting on Pinterest:

  • Add a Share on Pinterest button to the pictures.

  • Create a mobile version of your website.


In order to attract traffic from Pinterest to your website, you can move in two directions: quality and quantity.


Quality way

You have one account that you are focusing on. It is almost entirely handmade, but you can use the Tailwindapp service for delayed posting of pictures on personal and group boards.


Use the Canva service to overlay texts and effects on pictures. A sunset picture with a smart text will work better than the same picture without any description.


If you follow the Quality way, it is important for you to become a co-author of the group board. However, you do not need to post only personal pictures, especially at the very beginning. It is important to find popular images for successful promotion on Pinterest: on Google, on Flickr, on Reddit.

Quantity way

The scheme means a maximum of automation. Therefore, it will take a lot of time for you to learn and master the tools, configure and test them.


Here are 4 efficient tools for promotion on Pinterest following the Quantity way:

Layered Links

When you post an article with your website link on a particular platform, no one will refer to your published article. Actually, there is an effective solution for this issue: after publishing an article on another site, you can purchase 10-20 posts with its links from other blogs. By placing links in 2-3 layers, you will increase the effect by 1.5 times.


Using this method, you can not greatly increase the number of references to your website, but you can fill already existing links in the second and third layers.


First-layer links must be placed manually on proven website and the content must be unique. In order to place links of layers 2 and 3, you can use the well-known methods: rewrite content and use link placement automation tools.


For manual placement of links, you can hire people on Blackhatworld with the following request: tiered link building, link wheels, link pyramid. Keep in mind that more than 90% of the services from users will be of low quality. It is better to find an employee on Upwork who will do this for $500-1000 per month.

You can use your new blogs created on the free WordPress or Tumblr platforms to post links. To create a new blog in 2-3 minutes, you can use the Autofillmagic service. This way, you prepare content in advance, multiply texts, prepare information about the author, and the service tells you which fields to fill out.


Another good software for creating multiple link layers is the GSA Search Engine Ranker.


GSA Search Engine Ranker


It works following the next principles:


  1. You set keywords for the desired links.

  2. Upload generated articles, heading, author’s info into the application.

  3. The application searches for the websites it supports on Google and other search engines.

  4. Then the application automatically registers accounts on those website sites and posts your messages.


There is also an analogue of this application called Rankerx. However, it follows the SaaS workflow thus providing only cloud version.

Working with journalists

Journalists always look for experts who would comment on their material. Once become such an expert, you can get high-quality links from those websites. For example, you can manage to post links to  your website on The Guardian Travel, The Telegraph Travel, CNN Travel.


The main benefit of this approach is that the material can be quoted, which means that the number of links to your website will increase. You can collaborate on an ongoing basis with the websites that provide you with a good effect.


To interact with journalists, use the Helpareporter service.


To find highly qualified journalists, use the Ahrefs service. Let’s suppose you found an article in a search that you really liked. On Ahrefs, open the Content Explorer tab, enter “author” in the field and, using a colon, the article author’s first and last name. This way, you will get the list of the websites where the journalist publishes his own materials. They can be sorted by search traffic. In case they have good traffic ranking, then it makes sense to collaborate with this journalist.


Further, you can make a deal with the journalist directly.In a while, you will be able to form your own base of journalists to constantly work with.

Blog Grids

It is a risky but effective promotion method. Creating traveling blogs works great with travel topics.


What should you do:

  1. Create characters. Each character should be an ordinary resident living in Washington, for example, and working as an assistant lawyer. He loves his cat and has a travel blog.

  2. Blogs should vary greatly: different IPs, templates, design, plugin sets.

  3. Do not relink different blogs. Upgrade your blog network with multi-level links.

  4. 5-10 blogs are easy to control and publish materials without using tools. If there are more blogs, you should automate the processes.


Here we want to provide you with several effective blog automation tools:



Note:statistics show that now in many subjects it’s enough to place 15-20 blogs in order to bring the site to the top. But it’s important to use them along with multi-level links.



Outreach is an interaction with influential website owners. Find popular blogs or websites of your target topic, choose the best one, get to know the owners through Facebook, Twitter, other social networks and start interacting with them: giving thanks for cool posts and write comments. Afterwards, you can agree on your link or article placement.


For each character you need to create an account on Twitter and Facebook. Fill out the profile, leave a few dozen messages, so that it is clear that the person is alive and is fond of travelling topics. If the correspondence is conducted by your employee, you should have access to accounts. The matter is that you do not depend on the fact this employee is still working or not. you can use the Hootsuite service for article posting.


However, outreach usually gives 5-10% of the responses. To get 65-75%, use the Botletter service which sends messages via Facebook Messenger.


Another life hack is to write via the website contact form, not by email. This can be done manually or using the GSA Website contact application. Moreover, you can create funny pictures with the beneficial name using the Lemlist service.


You do not have to ask for placing links or articles. You can offer to place your video with a link to your website in any article of a blogger.


Here are the most effective outreach automation tools:


Video promotion

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. One of the ways to get traffic from this platform is to post video versions of your articles. To create them, use the Lumen5 service. Using it, you enter the article’s link and then the text-based service creates slides. You can choose photos from the service database or upload your own.


Statistics show that now Google includes YouTube videos ib 55% of search requests. This is a huge layer that you must use to get more traffic to your website. With the help of video, you can take two top places in the Google results.


Here is an example of a quality video:


<iframe width=”700″ height=”394″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/CpsgwhcUHWk” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>


To voice-over the video, you can use special services that read a certain text with the robot’s voice. With the help of new technologies, the robots’ voices are now extremely similar to human ones.


Here are some efficient voice-over tools:


Travelling is perfect for social and search promotion. We recommend combine all the mentioned-above methods to get the best outcome.

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