How to promote your website with Quora and Reddit?

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How to promote your website with Quora and Reddit?

Why does your business need Quora and Reddit?

In case you need to find an answer to the question, you Google it. However, there are different options find an answer, for example, using Q&A services. This way, Quora and Reddit are the biggest free Q&A platforms.


Without studying the behaviour rules of each website, carefully preparing the content and diligently working to promote personal and corporate brands, the effect of using these platforms may not bring the desired results and become a disadvantage, even if you have enough budget for advertising.


What results should be expected from Quora and Reddit platforms for SEO and promotion? So, let’s take a look at the benefits of using these platforms:


  • Monthly traffic growth

  • Quora and Reddit perfectly work to build your brand: multiple reference links to the company and its products increase the level of brand awareness. High-quality answers increase your company’s credibility.

  • Increase in the number of users via platforms’ digests.


You can meet the most ridiculous questions using these platforms, such as: “How can I teach my cat to paint?”



Apart from cats and painting, you can meet serious and complicated questions about genetic engineering or nuclear power station.



What do these screenshots and this info mean? Everything is pretty simple: these platforms have an enormous target audience.

Quora website traffic by SimilarWeb


That is why each user of these platforms can find a perfect topic for themselves. In case there is no such topic yet, you can ask a question and there will certainly be those who will answer.

Accordingly, the credibility of these websites is very large.


We would also like to indicate that the services are so cool that just a single high-quality free answer with a link to your site can gain a large, and sometimes just a huge number of views.


Let’s see how to turn all this traffic from Quora and Reddit into targeted for your site and promote the brand among potential customers.

Getting started with Quora


Depending on the goals of the company, even aj employee can become a representative on the website. An employee’s name will become the name of an account created to promote the site/brand. This option is good because it will allow you post answers with hidden advertising in some topics.


Registration Data Requirements:


  1. The name should not be fictitious or look like like a fictional one.

  2. You must specify your company and position.

  3. Using a real photo is required. Using a selfie is inappropriate. Any famous company has high-quality photos of their employees, so if you want to be successful using these platforms, you should provide quality and real photos.

  4. In the field ‘Detailed Information’, we recommend briefly about yourself, indicating the addresses of personal profiles of social networks, as well as linking to the website and corporate pages of the company.


An example of filling the profile on Quora

Who to follow?

We recommend making your account as live as possible. How to achieve this?

When registering, the site offers to subscribe to some categories of questions where it is important for you to track discussions. Choose interesting for you: sports, travel, cars, computer games, etc. The more subscribers, the more likely it is to get new subscribers and increase your reputation.


After registration, you need to choose a website promotion strategy. Here is an example of a strategy: follow the distribution of answers by topics in a ratio of about 70 to 30, where most of the questions are about the product, others – personal interests.

What questions should I answer?

The next step is to subscribe to questions by category. Subscribe to all categories that are close to your industry to see relevant issues in the feed.


Find quality questions that are already popular and/or have such potential:

  1. With the number of subscribers more than 10.

  2. With bad answers (little text, poor formatting, without pictures, not related) where you can stand out from other responses and get the majority of votes.

  3. With high engagement. Count the ratio of the responses and subscribers number, the higher it is, the better. A ratio of 1 response to 5 or more subscribers is a guarantee of good audience engagement specifically for your product.


Also, we recommend monitoring new questions for particular topics.


Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to follow new questions on Quora. For this reason, it is required to monitor new questions in the targeted topics 2-3 times a week. Also, you should try to be the first while answering.


Quora is a good example

How to write an answer and rank it up?

  1. Relevant illustration. Add screenshots, infographics, even a funny picture or GIF animation – everything that visually highlights an answer.

  2. Personal story. People trust answers with references to personal experience, so use phrases like “remember how …”, “in my last project …”, “When I was so many years old …”.

  3. The first-person history. You should not use “we”, “our team”, “our company”.

  4. Formatting that makes text readable. Use paragraphs, bulletins, numbered lists; highlight important facts in bold or italics.

  5. 300 words minimum. Everything is similar to traditional SEO – long texts are ranked better.


Important note: do not use template messages in your answers!


An example of an answer with a link on Quora


Do not use a lot of links in your answer!


An example of an answer with a link on Quora


Do not add images in case they are not related to the topic or there is no necessity!

An example of an answer with an image on Quora


When ordering comments, customers often ask: “Who should write answers on Quora?” and “How much should be written?”


Let’s begin with the first option. Any promotion requires a strategy, for example:

  1. During the first month, everyone sends their answers to serious questions to an SEO specialist. They edit and approve them.

  2. Each answer is sent to the knowledge base. After some time, high-quality answers to all popular questions will be collected there. They can be used by any team member, just rewriting it.

  3. If it is not possible to work with a specialist in some questions, you can search for high-quality answers from popular authors and take them as a basis.

How much do you need to write?


Quora is a platform where quantity is more important than quality. Concentrating on the mass answering, you can’t get a crowd of subscribers, but you will get traffic.


However, you need to remember that spamming the same answer within a large number of questions will result in blocking.


Without losing quality, you can write from 40 to 60 narrowly-themed answers per month, approximately two answers per day. You should write both educational & product responses that are aimed at promoting the team and service, and related or personal answers that do not promote and do not contain any links. The more time a specialist can spend on a particular project, the more answers can be generate.


Speaking of successful and high-quality promotion, we mean the completely filled profile on Quora. With this account, the service/product or brand is being successfully promoted, and the number of followers tends to 1k.

Advanced profile on Quora


Advanced profile on Quora

Brand promotion with Reddit

The main distinguishing feature of Reddit is that it is entirely based on user content.

The main goal of Reddit.com is to create subreddits – categories with their target, where people can share their content, comments from all over the world.


So now let’s take a closer look at the way you can work with Reddit.

Principles of work on the platform

You can start working with Reddit by registering. There you need to enter a username and password. After registration, you must subscribe to the relevant subreddits topics (both targeted, brand/website promotion, and topics for communication).


For example, we are interested in the subject of “Car rent”:


An example of searching for a target topic

Basic website terms

Here we will touch the topic of the basic platform terms (Subreddits, Upvotes, Downvotes, Karma, Shadowban, Reddiquette).


Subreddits are sub-communities with different topics and directions. There more than a million of subreddits on the platform.


Upvotes, downvotes are votes for or against your post or comment. More upvotes – the material becomes more visible to others. Publications with thousands of upvotes go to the first page of Reddit or thematic subreddits, but no one knows the exact algorithm for getting into the top.


Karma is the number of upvotes you receive. It may increase or decrease depending on the upvotes or downvotes you receive. In case you have high karma, users will have more credibility in your words.


Shadowban is such an inconspicuous ban when you can continue to write texts and comment on publications, but no one sees them besides you.


They are automatically sent to the spam list by the moderator. There are no external signs of such a ban so you may not even understand for a long time why no one is reacting to you. Shadowban can be issued in both a separate subreddit or the whole platform.


A shameless plug is one of the first reasons to get a Reddit red card. The second frequent version of the ban’s reason is “connected” accounts that put mutual upvotes to each other. In general, you can earn it just because you are arsehole.


Reddiquette. Reddit is a very finely tuned mechanism, driven by the participants themselves. If you suddenly begin to shamelessly advertise your product, you are most likely to be removed by the participants themselves with the help of caustic comments, downvotes and a common position against you.


I hate marketers is almost the tagline of Reddit. It is better to carefully study the etiquette of the site (Reddiquette) and the dictionary of basic terms before your first material or comment and even upvote.

Karma — how to get it?

As it was mentioned earlier, Karma is the number of upvotes you receive. It may increase or decrease depending on the upvotes or downvotes you receive. In case you have high karma, users will have more credibility in your words.


Before starting brand promotion on Reddit, you need to earn at least 500 points of karma. To get these points, you should not directly indicate your engagement in the brand after creating an account. We recommend you just communicating and leaving comments on publications. There is no need to rush advertising your product. In some subreddits, you can’t post materials and comment until certain karma points are achieved. In general, nothing gives trust but karma.

Search for and participation in subreddits

Any user can create any number of subreddits. Each subreddit has its own moderators, with its own rules and design developed.

Find out which subreddits your target audience is involved in. We recommend carefully studying the rules of a particular subreddit before trying to work with it (subreddits may have their own unique rules, in addition to the basic rules of Reddit).


Let’s consider the following example.


We are searching for a relevant subreddit. For example, let it be a car rent one.

Subreddits examples


Then we go directly to this subreddit.

Subreddit internally

And study its rules carefully.

Examples of subreddit rules


You can easily create a subreddit about your brand or personally yourself. The main goal is to make it interesting.

На сайте легко можно создать сообщество про ваш бренд или лично о вас, остается лишь сделать его интересным. Thematic subreddits are extremely popular.


The number of subreddit subscribers

Monitoring topics and themes

You need to monitor relevant messages: categories, brand, competitors. You can do it with the help of Reddit search feature.


An example of themes search


You need to participate in communication only objectively, paying attention to the rules of a particular subreddit and using a proper language.


Redditors are very attentive to grammar and punctuation. Surely, it is important on any platform, but the extremely pedantic attitude of platform users to this issue becomes surprising for many newcomers.

An example of a bad comment


Sometimes it is better to ask the moderators if this or that material can be posted. This will allow you to build good relationships with them. Sometimes they even help edit the text so that it is better perceived by the audience.


You can advertise or recommend your product on Reddit in the comments. However there is a strict condition for such an action: you can do it only if your recommendation is relevant to the material’s topic, and you explain in detail why you advise you to try the product (example).

An example of a comment with a reference


АМА (ask me anything) is a pretty interesting promotion method on Reddit. It looks like a community or a subreddit. You can join it as well.


Subreddit Ask Me Anything


A common marketing recommendation is to deal with AMA at the very beginning. However, the activity will be visible only if your brand or product is interesting to the community. Therefore, do not rush dealing with AMA.


Some subreddits have their own versions of AMA. You can try to start with them if you have a desire.


Here is the example of a successful profile on Reddit.

Reddit advanced profile


Find an example of a successful case on Reddit (results)

Reddit advanced profile example



  1. After the registration process, you need to indicate real data in your profile, subscribe to relevant and other topics, specify your factual geolocation. These rules are important to start your marketing campaign honestly and properly.

  2. You need to create a lot of content correctly and constantly. Write from 10 to 30 posts per day.

  3. Your answers and comments should be relevant and well-structured, using pictures and GIFs.

  4. Try to be the first while answering in popular topics or choose old ones with a small number of answers. This way you will have a big chance to stand out from other participants and get more upvotes, thus more karma.

  5. Monitor your selected Quora and Reddit questions daily for promotion.

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