The best keyboards for gamers, designers and developers


A quality keyboard is required not only for gaming, but for accomplishing professional tasks as well. In case of working with the text – any model will suit your requirements, then designers and developers should pay much attention to choosing the keyboard for work. In this article, we will tell you what keyboard to choose for games, design and programming. Each task requires particular features. For this reason, there is no universal option.

Table of Contents

  • The best keyboards for games

    • 1. HyperX Alloy Elite

    • 2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

    • 3. Logitech K840

    • 4. Razer BlackWidow Elite

    • 5. Das Keyboard 4 Professional

    • 6. Kinesis Freestyle Edge

    • 7. Razer Huntsman Elite

    • 8. Ducky One TKL

    • 9. Cooler Master MasterKeys SL

    • 10. Redragon K552-N Kumara

  • The best keyboards for designers 

    • 1. Logitech Craft

    • 2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

    • 3. Kinesis Advantage2 LF

    • 4. Anker Universal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

    • 5. Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

    • 6. Logitech K780

    • 7. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

    • 8. Topre Realforce 104UBS Silent variable

  • The best keyboards for developers

    • 1. Filco Ninja Majestouch-2

    • 2. CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

    • 3. WASD Keyboards CODE

    • 4. Ducky Shine 5 RGB

    • 5. RealForce 87U

The best keyboards for gamers

Considering keyboards for games, the fundamental importance takes switch type. It is a pretty subjective thing as every person has own preferences. For example, Cherry Blue is a loud switch that requires quite a strong push. Cherry Brown is pretty soft and quite option, but Cherry Red is something between those options. For this reason, there is no universal advice on what keyboard to choose. In this list, we have collected the models with different switch types.

1. HyperX Alloy Elite

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HyperX Alloy Light looks quite ascetic. The look can hardly be called gaming, despite the reputation of the bright red backlight. Incidentally, its settings are limited only by the selection of WASD. The particular main benefit from this model is that you can buy options based on a types of switches. Additionally, the keyboard has a individual block of keys for multimedia control.



2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

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Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is a really big keyboard that requires a huge free space on your desktop computer. Cherry Brown switches are very well suited for text and gaming. The RGB backlight has a huge amount of settings that are available in the Corsair app. Additionally there is a multimedia control unit and an additional pass-through USB, which is convenient.


3. Logitech K840

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Logitech is hard to associate with gaming, but this key pad is obviously worthy of your attention. It’s all about Romer-G switches. They work almost silently, but have a fairly strong tactile feedback. In addition, they work 25% faster than Cherry Brown. The relax is the most prevalent keyboard. Right now there is no backlight or extra keys.


4. Razer BlackWidow Elite

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BlackWidow Elite is the flagship type of the Razer, which has all you need for comfortable gaming. You can find three variants of its keyboard counterpart with different types of switches. Of course, Razer uses its branded Eco-friendly, Orange and Yellow. These types of switches on sensations from pressing practically do not differ from the Cherry line. As for the appearance of the device, it is a classic for Razer.






5. Das Keyboard 4 Professional

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This is not a gaming keyboard, but it really surpasses many specialized models. It uses Cherry Blue and Brown switches to choose from. There is no backlight, but there is a very convenient unit for managing multimedia. In addition, there are no macros, but , as practice shows, most gamers simply do not need them.


6. Kinesis Freestyle Edge

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A very unusual model from Kinesis, which includes two separate halves. This allows the player to position the keyboard as conveniently as possible. Nevertheless, note that the halves are eaten between one another is not too long and rather thick cable. As for the switches, there are three different options from Cherry. On the left half of the keyboard there are 12 macros.


7. Razer Huntsman Elite

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Razer Huntsman Elite is a unique keyboard because it uses optical-mechanical switches, which is extremely rare. They are triggered instantly, because the pressure is fixed due to a ray of light. In addition, these switches are extremely reliable. They withstand up to 100 million clicks. Otherwise, this is a traditional gaming keyboard with customizable backlight and soft wrist rest.



8. Ducky One TKL

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Ducky One TKL is one of the most compact gaming keyboards on the market, since there is no additional digital block here. A choice of 4 models with different switches Cherry. There are no additional keys and functions. Nevertheless, this is a great option if you are looking for the most compact mechanical keyboard.


9. Cooler Master MasterKeys SL

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Another compact keyboard with Cherry switches. There are 5 of its variations on the market, including models with fairly rare Silver and Green switches. Perhaps the only substantial drawback of this keyboard is the absence of any key backlighting. But this made it possible to minimize its price, so MasterKeys SL is very popular among gamers.


10. Redragon K552-N Kumara

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Redragon K552-N Kumara is one of the cheapest gaming keyboards on the market. It uses the Otemu Blue switches, which are inferior to the options from Cherry, both in conditions of speed and tactile sensations. Nevertheless, there is no particular discomfort during the game, because it is still a mechanic. If you think about the cost of the device, the keyboard is more than worthy.


The best keyboards for designers

A mouse is important for working with graphics; nevertheless, a quality keyboard can also simplify work and creative tasks. This list includes both mechanical and membrane variants. In addition, you will find here devices of completely different form factors, including highly specialized models. If you do not know which keyboard to choose for your home studio, then look at these options.


1. Logitech Craft

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This particular keyboard is designed specifically for use within various image editors. Its main feature is the occurrence of a special analog drive, which is designed to select parameters in specific applications. This control works great in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Professional. Additionally , Logitech Craft has very quiet keys with comfortable touch.



2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

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The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is a gaming keyboard with Cherry mechanical switches and customizable RGB backlighting. However, it is extremely convenient to make use of it for working with visuals, since you can personalize macros for any quick actions in most apps. Incidentally, the macro configurations are saved even after connecting its keyboard counterpart to another computer, since it offers the own memory module.


3. Kinesis Advantage2 LF

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It is no secret that many graphic designers are afflicted by carpal bones tunnel syndrome. The main reason for this is the reality that during the work hands are in an unnatural position. If you want to avoid this extremely unpleasant problem, then focus on Kinesis Advantage2 LF. This keyboard is designed specifically for those who are faced with chronic pain. At first glance, it may seem to be inconvenient, but after a few hrs you will get used to this kind of unusual agreement of keys.


4. Anker Universal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

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This particular keyboard is made specifically for the Mac, but it works fine with Windows-based computers. In addition, you can even link it to your smartphone, since the device supports Bluetooth connection. Impressions of working with the Anker keyboard are the most pleasant, because the body is made of aluminium, and the keystrokes are light, but accented.



5. Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

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This keyboard will be a great addition to any device from the line of Microsoft Surface. The unit looks flawless, but it is not its only advantage. A fingerprint scanner is built in to the keyboard that can be used to enter the system. Agree, it is more convenient than entering a password.


6. Logitech K780

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Logitech K780 is designed to work with tablets and even smartphones. In case you have a device with the appropriate screen size, you can change it into a kind of laptop. Connection is via Bluetooth. The keyboard is powered by standard batteries, which is not very convenient, but it allowed to eliminate any connectors.


7. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

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Perhaps the most unusual keyboard on this listing. The fact is that you can simply fold it, thereby greatly simplifying transportation. When folded, the unit can be positioned in a jacket pocket. The main purpose of the keyboard is to work with smartphones, but if desired, the keyboard can be linked to any computer.


8. Topre Realforce 104UBS Silent variable

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Topre Realforce 104UBS is a mechanical keyboard with surprisingly quiet changes. By the volume of keystrokes, the unit is quite comparable with membrane models. Nevertheless, this is still a mechanic with a very clear touch and a fairly strong tactile feedback. This mixture is extremely rare, so the keyboard can be a great choice for any task.


The best keyboards for developers 

For programming, you require the most convenient keyboard with a standard arrangement of keys and their precise pressing. Of course, it is worth considering models with mechanical switches. However, most gaming solutions will not work, because they have too much functionality, which will only interfere.

1. Filco Ninja Majestouch-2

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Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 is a dedicated keyboard for professional developers. In this model, there are not even any symbols on the front side of the keys, so nothing will distract you from work. Only Hats Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys are equipped with a backlight. The case is made of nice rough plastic-type, and the keys by themselves are properly smooth. Pushing accented, but not too loud.

2. CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

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Another good key pad that meets all the requirements of programmers. A person can choose from 4 different models that use different types of Cherry mechanical switches. The character types on the keys are applied by laser decoration, so you can not worry about their toughness. True, the font appears quite controversial, but it is unlikely to for some reason hinder comfortable work.


3. WASD Keyboards CODE

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WASD Key-boards CODE – this is the most ascetic key pad, because it does not even bear the logo design of the manufacturer. Mechanised keys have nice tactile feedback, but pressing is relatively soft. Incidentally, this model is fully suitable with Mac. For this purpose, a unique switch design.


4. Ducky Shine 5 RGB

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Ducky Shine 5 is one of the few gaming keyboards that is great for working with code. RGB lights look great, but it can be distracting. Fortunately, it can be turned off very easily. The model is compatible with both Mac and PC. Note that the keyboard is quite large, so with its placement on the desktop, there may be some difficulties.


5. RealForce 87U

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RealForce 87U is another specialized model for working with code. The characters on the keys are printed in such a way that they are almost invisible. As for the switches, the famous Topre Switches are used here. They provide a soft tap and incredibly fast response. The keys are made of slightly rough, but very pleasant plastic.


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