15 websites where you can get fonts for free and legally

Large and beautiful collections where you can easily find anything you want.

1. Google Fonts

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: Google Fonts

A selection of fonts from Google. Yes, it is far from large in comparison with other libraries: there are only 888 collections there. Yet then you will make sure that all fonts are distributed under a free license. That is, you can use them as you wish. In addition, there is a very convenient filtering system.


The particular download mechanism is fairly unclear, which is unusual for a Google product. First, you need to select a number of font family members by simply clicking +. After that – open the screen that appears at the bottom of the display and click on the download button. All chosen fonts are downloaded in the archive.

2. FontSpace

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: FontSpace

This collection is much richer: you will find more than 36, 000 free fonts in it. They could be sorted by category, choosing, for example, retro style, futuristic or with nationwide color.

On the font page it is written how it can be used: only for personal or also for commercial purposes.

3. 1001 Free Fonts

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: 1001 Free Fonts

Regardless of the name, there are about ten, 000 fonts in this collection. They can be sorted by style, name and novelty.


The most web site can be used for free for any objective. For some, you have to purchase a commercial permit. Nevertheless, for $ 20 you can download the whole collection at once.

4. Font Squirrel

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: Font Squirrel

Most fonts here are free for personal and commercial use. If they are missing, go to the discounts section. Costs there are extremely low.

Filtration in Font Squirrel is very convenient. You can sort fonts by style, language, popularity, and uniqueness.

In addition, Font Squirrel provides a few convenient and useful tools: Webfont Electrical generator to create your own web fonts and Font Identifier, which can identify the fonts in the pictures you downloaded and discover identical ones in the Font Squirrel library.

5. FontStruct

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: FontStruct

FontStruct is a useful online tool for creating TrueType fonts. For this, there exists a visual editor, which is simple to understand.

Within addition, there is a gallery with more than 47, 000 fonts from users of the system. These types of fonts are freely available and you may use them whenever you need to. Including as the foundation for your own personnel.

Most of the fonts presented here are quite extravagant.

6. DaFont

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: DaFont

Another popular collection of 3, 500 free baptistère. A lot of them are suitable for personal just use.


A nice DaFont feature is a class system. You may select baptistère in design for comics, video clip games, vintage or special Japanese characters.

7. Urban Fonts

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: Urban Fonts

A large assortment of different fonts. Choose any, and you will see a page with in-depth information about it.

There are several free fonts, they are highlighted in a special section. Commercial, too quick, and they are constant discounts.

The Urban Baptistère sorting system is quite flexible and convenient.

8. Abstract Fonts

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: Abstract Fonts

A catalogue with a straightforward and clean interface and approximately 16, 000 fonts. The series is constantly updated, therefore you will have plenty to choose from.

The only negative is to find in every this variety baptistère with Cyrillic letters is not easy. And all because there is no filtering by languages.

9. Fontspring

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: Fontspring

Fontspring sells expensive fonts for commercial use. In almost any family there are 1-2 free fonts you can use for personal purposes. In addition, you will find a separate section with free fonts.


The collection is very rich. But you will have to carefully study the license information for a particular typeface before downloading.

10. Behance

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: Behance

If DeviantArt is a social network for musicians, then Behance is the same for designers. In this article, you can find a huge number of jobs, of which fonts are far from the key thing.

A quick search on Behance for free typeface brings a lot of cool author fonts. Many of them offered for free.

11. Acid Fonts

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: Acid Fonts

A selection of several, 500 fonts with unconventional outlines. Because the name suggests, they look acidic.

Sadly, the collection has not been updated for a long time. But perhaps here you will find what you need.

12. Font Freak

Где скачать шрифты бесплатно: Font Freak

This site contains about 9000 free and also 125,000 paid fonts from 400 designers. For $9, you can download an archive with 5,000 fonts.

13. Creative Market

Бесплатные шрифты: Creative Market

Here is the platform where you can find fonts, vector graphics and other gizmos for creative designers. The fonts are incredibly high quality here since they are not cheap.

But every few days Creative Market offers to download some of the products for free. Plus among them is one font.

14. Fontasy

Бесплатные шрифты: Fontasy

A lot more than 1, 000 free fonts are collected here. True, Cyrillic one of them is not enough.

Fontasy has a user-friendly interface and a rather large selection of styles. If you want to use the fonts put here for commercial purposes, ask authorization from their authors.

15. The League of Moveable Type

Бесплатные шрифты: The League of Moveable Type

A small but beautiful collection of web site submitted to GitHub. All web site can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

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